Srinagar Named ‘World Craft City’ by World Crafts Council, Celebrating Artisan Excellence

Featured & Cover Srinagar Named 'World Craft City' by World Crafts Council Celebrating Artisan Excellence

Srinagar has been officially designated as a ‘World Craft City’ by the World Crafts Council, marking a significant milestone for the city’s artisans and their exceptional skills. This recognition highlights Srinagar’s rich cultural heritage and the dedication of its artisans, whose craftsmanship has garnered global acclaim.

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha conveyed his heartfelt congratulations, emphasizing, “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and exceptional talent of our artisans. It validates their dedication and highlights the cultural richness of Srinagar. We are committed to supporting our artisans and ensuring that this accolade translates into tangible benefits for the community.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s unwavering support for Jammu and Kashmir’s handicraft and handloom sector was also underscored by the L-G, who noted, “He actively promotes the region’s handicrafts by presenting souvenirs crafted by J&K artisans to world leaders, thereby enhancing global awareness and appreciation for the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the region.”

The designation as a World Craft City reaffirms Srinagar’s longstanding tradition of excellence in handicrafts and handlooms. According to L-G Sinha, “This acknowledgement will have a transformative impact on the sector, fostering growth, sustainability, and innovation. With increased global recognition, Srinagar’s crafts will gain enhanced visibility on the international stage, opening up new markets and opportunities for artisans.”

Furthermore, the sector is anticipated to attract greater investment and funding, which will aid in infrastructure development and the introduction of modern techniques while preserving traditional methods. Advanced training programs and workshops will be made accessible to artisans, aiming to refine their skills and encourage innovation in their craft. This surge in demand for Srinagar’s distinctive crafts is expected to boost production, thereby generating employment opportunities and improving livelihoods for artisans and their families.

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