The Universal News Network: A New Way Of Staying Connected And To Contribute Towards Making Our Universe A Better, Just, and Safe Place For All To Live, Grow, And Succeed

We live in a world of uncertainties, and at the same time, is interconnected as never been before in human history. We get to see, experience, and learn of things happening in places across the universe with a click, which was not imaginable when most of us were born.

The UNN comes to connect every one of us with the universe and all its beauties, the noble deeds, the inventions, the heroic deeds, the mysteries, and the uncertainties that we encounter every day in our lives, helping us become aware of the rapid changes in the universe. Given the pace of fast changes today, we need the media that helps us navigate through the uncertainties, giving us perspectives hidden behind what we see in online news and encounter daily.

As cultural storytellers, journalists influence the collective story of humanity. The purpose of The UNN is to support us in making sense of our world, providing us with the news and information; it also engages, inspires, and activates us to be free and self-governing.

At The UNN, we want to focus on possibility-oriented storytelling that fuels hope and sparks innovative ideas and actions; seeking to lead discussions, creating, disseminating, and using news and information that serves us all, and providing a platform for diverse voices, forms, and engaging everyone, continually engaging and innovating.

Welcome to The Universal News network. Please join us, and let’s together journey and work towards informing, educating, and engaging the peoples of the universe in a way that makes our universe a safer and healthier place for the entire humanity to live, cherish and succeed.

Got something to contribute? A story? A question? A resource? In the spirit of’s aspiration to be a go-to place for connecting people involved with the emerging news and information, we invite you to join in.

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