Long Island Ramps Up Security for India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match Following ISIS Threat

Featured & Cover Long Island Ramps Up Security for India Pakistan Cricket World Cup Match Following ISIS Threat

**Police Heighten Security for Cricket World Cup Match on Long Island Following ISIS Threat**

Authorities are significantly increasing security measures on Long Island in response to a threat from ISIS targeting the upcoming cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan at East Meadow’s Eisenhower Stadium. This decision was announced on Wednesday by local officials, who emphasized that while there is no “specific threat” of an attack during the June 9 match, they are not willing to take any risks with the international event approaching.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder assured the public, “This will be the tightest security that Nassau County has ever seen. Every single asset in the police department is involved, including our intelligence.” The police force has coordinated with several agencies to ensure comprehensive security coverage. “We have partnered with the NYPD, the MTA, the New York State Police, Suffolk County, FBI, and DHS. Customs have all provided briefings,” Ryder added, affirming that all intelligence reports are credible.

The decision to bolster security follows a menacing online post by the Islamic State on matrix.com. The post, dated May 28, featured a hooded individual with a rifle, accompanied by the message, “You wait for the matches… and we wait for you,” with “Nassau Stadium” and the date June 9 prominently displayed at the top.

To enhance safety, county officials have announced several measures. A contingent of 100 police officers will be assigned to patrol neighboring areas, and the stadium will have metal detectors at every entrance. Additionally, a no-fly zone will be enforced overhead, and there will be strict regulations on items spectators can bring into the venue. Ryder emphasized that lingering outside the stadium will be prohibited, and drones are strictly banned.

“This is like the Super Bowl on steroids,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman declared during Wednesday’s press conference. He expressed full confidence in the safety measures, stating, “If I wasn’t confident that we were safe, secure, and that our healthcare measures were not in place, I would not do this.”

Governor Kathy Hochul also commented on the preparations, noting that officials in Albany have been coordinating with federal agencies for months to ensure the cricket matches are well-protected against potential terrorist activities. “While there is no credible public safety threat at this time, we continue to monitor the situation closely,” she said. “I have also directed the New York State Police to engage in elevated security measures, including an increased law enforcement presence, advance surveillance, and thorough screening processes.”

The International Cricket Council has announced that the 11-week World Cup competition will be hosted at various international venues, including eight matches scheduled to take place at the 34,000-seat Long Island stadium.

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