Renowned Gastroenterologist Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin Advocates Personal Health Ownership at New York Event

Featured & Cover Renowned Gastroenterologist Dr Shiv Kumar Sarin Advocates Personal Health Ownership at New York Event

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin, an esteemed Indian gastroenterologist, hepatologist, translational scientist, researcher, and educator, imparted invaluable wisdom regarding personal health ownership during a gathering at the Indian Consulate in New York. He urged individuals not to delegate their health concerns but to take charge of their well-being.

“Health cannot be bestowed; it must be earned,” emphasized the Padma Bhushan recipient, emphasizing the necessity for proactive engagement in one’s health journey.

Dr. Sarin delivered a comprehensive discourse on health and wellness, centering around his book ‘Own Your Body,’ during the session at the Indian Consulate in New York. In his book, Dr. Sarin delves into the strategies for cultivating a healthier self.

During the event, Dr. Sarin delineated ten principles for optimal health, stressing the significance of preventive actions, such as tracing one’s family health history to recognize genetic health susceptibilities.

“The initial principle is to construct a family health tree. It is your responsibility to ensure the well-being of your child and to safeguard the health of a fetus,” Dr. Sarin asserted.

He elucidated the pivotal role of the liver in metabolism and overall well-being, elucidating how a fatty liver can precipitate various health ailments, including diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and cancer. Dr. Sarin also offered practical advice for self-assessment of liver health, advocating for the monitoring of blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and liver enzyme levels. He advocated for proactive health management through early detection and lifestyle modifications.

Furthermore, he introduced four pillars for attaining and preserving health. “The foremost pillar is maintaining a slim and fit physique. It’s not merely about being lean but being both slim and fit. Understanding what constitutes fitness is imperative. Secondly, it entails knowing when to eat, what to eat, and in what quantity,” Dr. Sarin delineated. “The third pillar emphasizes the importance of restorative sleep, and my final fourth pillar pertains to medications. However, resorting to the fourth pillar should only be considered after exhausting the options offered by the first three pillars,” he added.

Dr. Sarin instilled a sense of empowerment in his audience, encouraging them to embark on a journey toward a prolonged, healthy, and fulfilling life through proactive management of their health.

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