PM Modi and UAE President Express Deep Concerns Over West Asia’s Security and Terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed shared concerns over terrorism, security issues, and civilian casualties in West Asia during a recent phone conversation with UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed. This discussion is part of India’s outreach to Arab nations amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Modi took to social media, stating, “Had a good conversation with my brother HH @MohamedBinZayed, President of UAE, on the West Asia situation. We share deep concerns at the terrorism, deteriorating security situation, and loss of civilian lives.”

He emphasized the importance of resolving the security and humanitarian challenges promptly and highlighted the mutual interest in achieving lasting regional peace, security, and stability.

India has strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas in southern Israel, asserting that there is no justification for any form of terrorism. Simultaneously, India has reiterated its enduring support for a two-state solution, leading to the establishment of a sovereign, independent, and viable Palestinian state living alongside Israel within secure and recognized borders.

The UAE stands as one of India’s closest strategic partners in West Asia, and both nations are part of the I2U2 grouping, which also includes Israel and the United States.

Modi’s conversation with the UAE President follows his previous phone calls with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and King Abdullah of Jordan. During the conversation with President Sisi on October 28, they discussed the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation in West Asia. Modi mentioned that India and Egypt share concerns about terrorism, violence, and civilian casualties. They agreed on the need for early restoration of peace and stability while facilitating humanitarian assistance.

On October 23, Modi engaged in a conversation with King Abdullah of Jordan, exchanging views on West Asian developments. They both expressed concerns regarding terrorism, violence, and civilian casualties, underscoring the necessity for concerted efforts to resolve security and humanitarian issues promptly.

Furthermore, Modi spoke with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on October 10, reaffirming India’s strong support for Israel during challenging times. He unequivocally condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

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