Modi’s State Visit To US: Warm Welcome and Key Agreements Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Lawmakers expressed a warm reception as Prime Minister Modi addressed the House Chamber, with applause and a standing ovation. The Washington Post highlighted the grandeur of the state dinner held at the White House, featuring a photograph of Prime Minister Modi alongside President Biden and the Bidens. However, the accompanying article pointed out that the event lacked genuine enthusiasm.

The New York Times featured a front-page photograph of Prime Minister Modi greeting US lawmakers with a traditional ‘Namaste’ during his address to the US Congress. The caption noted that Modi deliberately avoided mentioning the names of Russia and China. Inside the newspaper, there was extensive coverage of the visit, including a photograph of President Biden placing his hand on Modi’s shoulder as they observed the ceremonial guard of honor, with the Washington Monument in the background. The report highlighted the joint initiatives in various fields, such as telecommunications, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence, which symbolized the deepening ties between the two nations.

The Financial Times captured a photograph of both leaders standing for the national anthems on the South Lawn of the White House. The caption emphasized the commitment to a “defining” relationship between the world’s two largest democracies. The report on the second page elaborated on the technology and defense agreements signed during the visit, which included the purchase of US spy drones. The FT report also highlighted the US’s strategic intent to strengthen its alliance with India and engage allies and partners in countering China.

In a separate article titled “US, India announce agreements on technology, defense,” it was reported that both President Biden and Prime Minister Modi announced significant agreements. Among them was a joint venture to manufacture GE fighter jet engines in India and efforts to secure supply chains for crucial technologies like microchips. The article emphasized the importance of these agreements in enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Overall, the media coverage reflected the ceremonial aspects of the state visit, with grand gestures and elaborate dinners. The agreements signed between the US and India in areas like defense, technology, and space cooperation demonstrated the intention to strengthen ties and foster a strategic partnership.

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