World Trade Center To Display Diwali Themed Animation

The South Asian Engagement Foundation along with the Durst Organization will be displaying, Diwali-themed animation on the façade of the One World Center, a symbol of New York City’s eternal goodness. The animation will occur daily, Oct 22-Oct 24th from 6pm-2am.

“We are so happy to bring this wonderful animation to everyone via the World Trade Center and so fortunate to work with The Durst Organization to bring this message of peace, harmony and the celebration of good over evil,” said Rahul Walia, Founding Trustee of South Asian Engagement Foundation.

Named the All-American Diwali, the celebration is dedicated to New York’s finest. SAEF plans to honor them through its social media posts, and requests everyone celebrating Diwali throughout the United States to do the same for their own local first responders.

On the inaugural day Oct 22, 630pm, the community is cordially invited to witness the lighting with LIVE AARTI and prayer on the corner of West and Vesey Street with the One World Trade Center as the backdrop. Meeting point is outside 200 West Street.

At SAEF, the work is dedicated to building a strong brand for the Indian American community by empowering them and catalyzing the conversation around Indian Americans.

All American Diwali is a trademark and copyright of the South Asian Engagement Foundation.

The South Asian Engagement Foundation (SAEF) is a registered 501c 3 non-profit organization based in New Jersey. SAEF has a mission to increase leadership potential in Indian American communities by providing incentives using educational initiatives and civic engagements. Amongst its initiatives, SAEF supports programs like the South Asian Spelling Bee and the Cricket Bee. SAEF’s vision is to continue supporting and organizing educational initiatives and cultural outreach to expand national awareness of the Indian American community.

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