TV Actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee Appeals to PM Modi After Friend’s Fatal Shooting in US

Featured & Cover TV Actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee Appeals to PM Modi After Friend's Fatal Shooting in US

Television personality Devoleena Bhattacharjee has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian government for assistance following the tragic death of her friend in the United States. She revealed that her friend was fatally shot while taking an evening walk, expressing her grief and shock over the incident.

In a heartfelt post on social media platform X, Bhattacharjee shared the devastating news, stating, “My friend #Amarnathghosh was shot and killed in St Louis academy neighbourhood, US on Tuesday evening.” She further elaborated on his background, highlighting the profound loss he had endured, being the sole survivor in his family after the deaths of both his parents.

Describing the circumstances surrounding the incident, Bhattacharjee lamented the lack of information regarding the perpetrator or motive behind the attack. She expressed concern that there might be minimal support for seeking justice, emphasizing the need for assistance, particularly since her friend hailed from Kolkata and was pursuing a Ph.D. while showcasing talent as an excellent dancer.

The actor’s anguish was palpable as she mentioned the challenges faced in claiming her friend’s body, with updates still pending on the situation. Through her post, she reached out to relevant authorities, including the Indian Embassy in the US, Prime Minister Modi, and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, urging them to intervene in the matter.

This plea for help comes amidst a disturbing trend of violence targeting individuals of Indian descent or Indian-Americans in the United States. Recent incidents include the tragic shooting of an Indian-origin motel owner by a homeless intruder in Newport, North Carolina, as well as the fatal assault on a 41-year-old Indian-origin IT executive outside a restaurant in Washington.

Additionally, the tragic death of 25-year-old Indian student Vivek Saini in Lithonia, Georgia, at the hands of a homeless drug addict serves as another grim reminder of the challenges faced by the Indian community in the US.

The heart-wrenching plea from Devoleena Bhattacharjee underscores the urgent need for attention to these incidents and the broader issue of violence against individuals of Indian descent abroad. As efforts continue to seek justice for the victims and their families, the importance of international cooperation and support in addressing such matters cannot be overstated.

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