Georgia Judge’s Ruling Prompts Top Prosecutor’s Resignation, Advances Trump Election Interference Case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has accepted the resignation of Nathan Wade, her top special prosecutor in the former President Donald Trump’s election interference case. This move comes after a Georgia judge made Wade’s stepping aside a condition for Willis to remain on the case, further solidifying the prospects of 15 defendants, including Trump, facing trial in Georgia for their alleged roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election result.

The decision stems from a 23-page ruling by Fulton Superior Judge Scott McAfee, following extensive courtroom testimony. McAfee ruled that while Willis’ romantic involvement with Wade didn’t necessitate disqualification, it created an appearance of conflict of interest. McAfee emphasized the importance of maintaining the perception of impartiality in legal proceedings, stating, “an outsider could reasonably think that the District Attorney is not exercising her independent professional judgment totally free of any compromising influences.”

McAfee provided a clear directive, giving prosecutors an ultimatum: either Wade resigns from the case or Willis must step aside and refer the prosecution elsewhere. Willis, in accepting Wade’s resignation, commended him for his professionalism.

This development signifies a significant juncture in the ongoing investigation into efforts to undermine the 2020 election result in Georgia. Willis, the first Black woman elected district attorney in Fulton County, has been at the forefront of this case, which has garnered national attention. Despite expected appeals, the focus can now shift back to advancing the case towards trial.

The case, which revolves around alleged attempts by Trump and his allies to overturn Georgia’s election result, has seen various twists and turns. Willis’ utilization of Georgia’s racketeering law and her courtroom prowess have been notable features of the proceedings. The indictment, initially involving 19 individuals, was handed up by a grand jury last August.

Challenges arose earlier when former Trump campaign official Michael Roman accused Willis of misconduct, alleging financial impropriety related to her relationship with Wade. However, McAfee’s ruling found no evidence that Willis’ conduct influenced the case’s progression.

While McAfee acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and criticized the handling of certain aspects of the case, he deemed disqualifying Willis unnecessary, opting for a less drastic remedy. McAfee’s measured approach reflects his reputation for managing complex cases with impartiality.

Trump’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, expressed disappointment with the decision, reiterating their intention to explore all legal avenues to end the case. Meanwhile, the district attorney’s office has yet to respond to McAfee’s order.

Despite the decision, the controversy surrounding Willis and Wade’s relationship could have lasting repercussions. Georgia Republicans have initiated several investigations into Willis for alleged misconduct, potentially undermining public trust in her and the case itself.

As the legal proceedings continue, potential jurors may be influenced by the ongoing drama, raising questions about the integrity of the prosecution. While some defendants have already pleaded guilty, a trial date for the remaining defendants is yet to be determined, as McAfee grapples with the logistical challenges posed by the case’s complexity and the involvement of a former president.

Georgia’s Commissioner CB Yadav Announces Plans for Ramayana Museum and Lord Ram Temple; Extends Invitation to UP CM Yogi Adityanath

CB Yadav, the Commissioner of Georgia state in the United States, has announced plans to construct a Ramayana Museum and a temple dedicated to Lord Ram in Georgia. Currently on a tour in India, CB Yadav extended an invitation to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh for the groundbreaking ceremony of these projects in Georgia next year, which CM Yogi graciously accepted. During his visit to Lucknow, CB Yadav also met with Samajwadi Party national president and former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav along with his wife Dimple Yadav at their residence, where CM Yogi was welcomed with mementos.

Chandrabhushan Yadav, also known as CB Yadav, hails from Badlapur in Jaunpur district, Uttar Pradesh, and currently serves as the first commissioner of Georgia state in the US. He arrived in India on January 28, visiting various places including the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi before heading to his ancestral village of Nevada Mukhlispur in Badlapur area to meet with family members, followed by his visit to Lucknow.

CB Yadav expressed his intention to build the Ramayana Museum and the grand temple of Lord Ram in Georgia following the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. He mentioned that construction work on these projects will commence soon and extended an official invitation to CM Yogi Adityanath for the Bhoomi Pujan scheduled for 2025.

Furthermore, CB Yadav emphasized the need to revitalize old temples and religious sites in India, mentioning plans to develop a guest house and basic amenities at the renowned Mata Shitala Chowkia Dham in Jaunpur.

Regarding his journey from Jaunpur to America, CB Yadav completed his education in Badlapur and Allahabad before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from an engineering college in Maharashtra. He then migrated to Georgia in 2003, where he established a business with his wife and two sons. Over the years, CB Yadav has achieved success in business, notably with the support of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who helped him secure the position of the first commissioner of Georgia state. Recognized as a significant supporter of India in America, Governor Brian Kemp established the Georgian First Commission, on which CB Yadav serves, to facilitate small business growth by streamlining government regulations.

CB Yadav is not only active in politics but also manages several hotels and motels in Kingsland, Camden County, South Georgia. His journey from starting a small business in Camden city to owning multiple grocery stores and a motor business reflects his determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

AAPI’s Share the Warmth Program Brings Comfort to the Needy

(Chicago, IL: February 20, 2023) “Continuing the tradition of providing comfort and warmth to the needy and the homeless in the United States during this winter season, with the overwhelming support from dozens of Chapters, we at the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) are happy to announce that thousands of people across the nation have benefitted from the generosity of AAPI members, ” Dr. Ravi Kolli, President of AAPI said.

For several years, AAPI at the national level and various Chapters at the state level have been jointly leading efforts to bring warmth and comfort into the lives of the needy across the United States. Launched in 2019, this noble initiative has now become an annual tradition of giving by AAPI to local communities. AAPI’s “Share The Warmth” project has donated thousands of blankets to the poor and the needy in several homeless shelters across the nation every year.

“We are immensely happy to state that our AAPI’s ‘SHARE THE WARMTH’ program has been highly successful this year,” said Dr. Raghu Lolabhattu, Vice Chair of AAPI Board of Trustees and Chair, Share The Warmth program. “We had nearly 30 state Chapters of AAPI who participated in this program and helped about 3,000 homeless and other needy citizens, which is a commendable gesture.”

Dr. Lolabhattu pointed to the local Georgia Chapter, which jumped into action, distributing Blankets to those stranded and without power during this cold winter, in the aftermath of a devastating Tornado striking parts of Georgia state. “It was heartwarming to see how they greatly appreciated our timely help.” Praising the concerted efforts of several other AAPI Chapters, Dr. Lolabahhttu said, “We had the same feedback from several other state leaders that their donations have been very well received and greatly appreciated by the local communities. Thanks to our AAPI President Dr. Ravi Kolli for his leadership and we would say that this is another glorious feather on his cap.”

In a heart-warming gesture, led by Dr. Madhavi Gorusu, Director of Medical Oncology at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Hartford HealthCare, AAPI donated blankets to LifeStar, who in turn provided blankets to local EMS, the Hartford Hospital Emergency Department, and the Neighborhood Health team to hand out in the community.

“We at AAPI are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have been blessed with to serve the communities we live in and work in,” said Dr. V. Ranga, Chair of APPI BOT. “As a token of our appreciation and gratitude, we believe we are happy to be able to give back and serve the less fortunate in our society in times of their need.”

“This has been a one-of-a-kind experience for the teams of physicians and young volunteers alike who have generously volunteered their time and resources to bring joy to the less fortunate. I want to thank all the State Chapter leaders for their commitment and their enthusiastic participation,” said Dr. Anjana Samadder, President-Elect of AAPI.

“Realizing how this initiative benefits several needy in the community, gives us the motivation to organize many such events and give back to the local community. We are very happy to say that the purpose of the program has been accomplished by AAPI working with so many state Chapters and hope more things will happen in the future,” Dr. Satheesh Kathula, Vice President of AAPI said.

AAPI launched the “Share-A-Blanket” project during the holiday season in 2019 during the presidency of Dr. Suresh Reddy to bring warmth to the needy. Dr. Binod Sinha, founder President of NJ AAPI in New Jersey organized and conducted it successfully that year and since then it has been held annually by AAPI and local Chapters of AAPI.

“After experiencing the generosity of AAPI members, we strongly feel that we can accomplish much more with support and participation from all our AAPI physicians led by the local Chapters,” said Dr. Sumul Rawal, Treasurer of AAPI.

Dr. Kolli and Dr. Lolabhattu thanked ATG Tours for being the Grand sponsor of the program, and all the AAPI members for their generous contributions. Dr. Kolli, while expressing gratitude and appreciation to the AAPI Chapters for organizing the Drives around the nation, said, “Knowing that such measures benefit several needy in the community gives us the motivation to organize more such events and give back to the local communities where we live and serve. We strongly feel that we can make more such accomplishments with support and participation from all our generous AAPI physicians.”

American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), founded in 1982  is the largest ethnic medical organization in the United States, representing the interests of over 120,000 physicians of Indian origin. In addition to several programs in India, AAPI has been in the forefront, advocating for the interests of the medical fraternity and organizing regular CME programs, health & wellness events,  and financial workshops for its members and outreach, public health education, and advocacy activities for the community both locally and internationally. For more details and to join the Share-A-Blanket Drive in your state/community, please visit: