Revolutionizing Customer Service: NAM InfoCom Launches AI-Powered Arabic IVR 2.0 in the Middle East

Featured & Cover Revolutionizing Customer Service NAM InfoCom Launches AI Powered Arabic IVR 2 0 in the Middle East

In a significant advancement for customer service technology in the Middle East, NAM InfoCom has introduced a cutting-edge Arabic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution named IVR 2.0, powered by’s advanced AI platform. This innovation promises to revolutionize customer interactions across the region.

NAM InfoCom, renowned for its IT solutions globally, has developed this new Arabic IVR system as a testament to their commitment to innovation and excellence. By harnessing the sophisticated AI capabilities of, NAM InfoCom aims to provide businesses with a tool that can manage customer inquiries more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Vinay Mahajan, CEO of NAM InfoCom, emphasized the importance of customer service in driving business success, particularly in the rapidly growing and evolving Middle Eastern market. He stated, “Our new AI-powered Arabic IVR 2.0 solution is designed to meet the specific needs of this region, providing businesses with the ability to offer high-quality, round-the-clock customer support.”

The article highlights a challenge faced by a leading provider of voice-supported backend services—a surge in call volumes strained manpower resources and impacted profitability. To combat this, the company implemented voice-based intelligent responses to automate call handling. However, they encountered limitations in cognitive capabilities and experienced reduced customer satisfaction.

Seeking a solution that could deliver more human-like responses, the company integrated a Cognitive AI platform into their response system. This enhancement enabled the system to accept voice inputs, recognize customer queries, validate identities, generate context-aware responses, guide users through interactive voice experiences, confirm resolutions, and probe for further issues.

The integration of Cognitive AI yielded significant results:

– Reduced caller wait times to under 3 seconds.

– Improved customer experience and satisfaction.

– Increased operational efficiency and reduced manpower costs.

The benefits extended beyond efficiency improvements. The enhanced IVR system offered:

– Enhanced self-service capabilities through natural language understanding.

– Personalized support by analyzing customer data and tailoring responses based on past interactions.

– Improved issue resolution rates using machine learning.

– Round-the-clock availability for seamless customer support across time zones.

– Substantial cost savings by automating complex tasks and reducing operational overheads.

– Reduced wait times for quicker issue resolution.

– Enhanced first-call resolution rates with accurate and helpful information.

The Middle Eastern market poses unique challenges due to its diverse and multilingual population, which often complicates delivering consistent and effective customer support. NAM InfoCom’s AI-powered Arabic IVR 2.0 addresses these challenges adeptly by not only understanding and speaking Arabic fluently but also adapting to the cultural nuances and expectations of customers in the region.

Animesh Samuel, CEO of, expressed their goal to empower Middle Eastern businesses in enhancing customer service operations. He remarked, “By combining our AI expertise with NAM InfoCom’s deep understanding of the local market, we have developed a solution that truly meets the needs of Arabic-speaking customers and can be adapted to cater to diverse language needs globally.”

The integration of a Cognitive AI platform into the company’s IVR system marked a transformative shift in their call center operations. By leveraging AI capabilities, they have not only elevated customer experiences but also streamlined processes and significantly boosted profitability. This innovation underscores NAM InfoCom’s leadership in delivering advanced solutions tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the Middle Eastern market.

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