Prime Minister Modi Reviews 100-Day Program Amid Anticipation of Third Term

Featured & Cover Prime Minister Modi Reviews 100 Day Program Amid Anticipation of Third Term

Following projections indicating a potential third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he convened a review meeting to discuss a 100-day program that his team aims to execute upon the completion of government formation. Senior bureaucrats of the government of India participated in this review meeting on June 2, where plans for the first 100 days of the new government were outlined.

Implementation Strategy:

Sources have revealed that at least 10 groups, each led by a Secretary-level official as a coordinator, have been established to execute this agenda over the initial 100 days of the new government. It has been reported that the plans are slated to be put into action by at least July 1.

Sectoral Group of Secretaries (SGOS):

An official disclosed that each Sectoral Group of Secretaries (SGOS) is headed by a Secretary of the government of India, accompanied by four or five senior officers. These groups, established in February, are responsible for fine-tuning plans, with a focus on governance, infrastructure, security, and the economy.

Key Initiatives:

Under the governance theme, the SGOS is tasked with evaluating the foundation courses of the Union Public Services Commission (UPSC) and introducing a ‘Karmayogi Talent Bank’, aimed at assessing civil servants before their promotions. Additionally, the BJP manifesto’s commitment to conducting simultaneous polls for the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies is a part of the 100-day plan, with a focus on creating a common electoral roll, vital to this exercise.

Prime Minister’s Involvement:

Some of these groups presented their plans to the Prime Minister, who also presided over review meetings on the aftermath of Cyclone Remal and the challenges arising from the heatwave affecting northern and western India.

As Prime Minister Modi prepares for a potential third term, the strategic planning and implementation of the 100-day program are indicative of the government’s focus on key governance and electoral initiatives. The Prime Minister’s active involvement in these discussions underscores the significance of these plans for the future direction of India.

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