Zelensky Warns China’s Support to Russia Will Prolong Ukraine War, Calls for Asia-Pacific Nations to Join Peace Summit

Featured & Cover Zelensky Warns China's Support to Russia Will Prolong Ukraine War Calls for Asia Pacific Nations to Join Peace Summit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking at a meeting of defense chiefs from across the Asia-Pacific, including China and the US, in Singapore, expressed concerns about China’s support to Russia and its potential impact on the duration of the war in Ukraine. Zelensky also called on countries across the Asia-Pacific to participate in an upcoming peace summit on Ukraine, scheduled to be held in Switzerland on June 15-16.

Zelensky’s Remarks on China’s Support to Russia:

During a press conference in Singapore, Zelensky highlighted the potential consequences of China’s support to Russia, stating, “With China’s support to Russia the war will last longer. That is bad for the whole world, and the policy of China – who declares that it supports territorial integrity and sovereignty and declares it officially. For them it is not good.”These remarks underscore the concerns about the impact of external support on the conflict in Ukraine.

China’s Position and Allegations:

China has maintained a stance of neutrality in the conflict and has emphasized its commitment to peace. However, it has strengthened its economic and diplomatic ties with Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The US has alleged that China’s export of dual-use goods to Russia is bolstering the warring country’s defense industrial base, a claim that China has refuted. Zelensky also alluded to support from China, suggesting that certain elements of Russia’s weaponry “come from China.”

Russia’s Efforts to Disrupt the Peace Summit:

Zelensky warned that Russia, with the help of China, is attempting to pressure countries not to participate in the upcoming international peace summit. He stated, “Russia is trying to disrupt the peace summit and that is true … (Russia) is now traveling around many countries in the world threatening them with the blockade of the agricultural goods, of the food products, of chemical products … it is simply pushing the other countries of the world so that they’re not present on the summit.”Zelensky also accused Russia of using Chinese diplomats to disrupt the peace summit.

China’s Response and Position:

China has announced that it will not send a delegation to the peace summit, emphasizing the need for recognition by both Russia and Ukraine, equal participation by all parties, and fair discussion of all peace plans. Chinese Minister of National Defense Dong Jun reiterated China’s commitment to promoting peace talks and refuted allegations of providing weapons to either side in the conflict. The Chinese Foreign Ministry defended China’s trade with Russia as “above board” and emphasized the importance of its relations with Ukraine.

Urgency for International Support:

Zelensky’s appeal for international support comes at a critical time as Ukraine faces a major Russian advance into its northeast region of Kharkiv. The urgency to repel the invasion and bolster international support for Ukraine’s peace plan has become increasingly pressing.

The geopolitical dynamics surrounding the conflict in Ukraine, including China’s support to Russia and efforts to disrupt the peace summit, underscore the complexities and challenges involved in resolving the crisis. As Zelensky seeks to rally international support for Ukraine’s peace plan, the role of key global players, including China and the US, will continue to be closely scrutinized in the context of the ongoing conflict.

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