Mirchi USA Connects You With “Desigiri”

Mirchi USA Connects You With “Desigiri”

The consciousness is nothing short of a cauldron where inhabitants in this part of the world, with their hearts beating to Bollywood tunes, add liberal doses of desiness, for the want of a better word, and what we get it is a strange, yet delightful mixture called “Desigiri” coined by Radio Mirchi south Asia’s number on Radio Station now in America.

While the word hasn’t yet found its way into a proper dictionary, it is definitely a part of the urban understanding. Desigiri, quite unfortunately, cannot be described in words. Much like the bullet-dodging, slow mo-punching flick The Matrix, you will have to experience it for yourself. Desigir is that inexplicable urge that makes you ask for an extra from a roadside burger stall, because you’re too conditioned to ask for an extra from a gol-gappewala back home. Or it is that recurring grief that rears its head whenever a Desi, much to her or his dismay, finds a roll of paper instead of jet-spray at a public toilet. Not to forget the smoke scare that pegs them back from baking a good paratha…. According to how to do it Desi handbook, honking is not a crime, it is a trigger caused by an itch each time the palm grips the steering wheel.

Desigiri isn’t easy to handle. There’s the threat of causing grave offence to another person. For instance, the food with heavy doses of oil, butter and motherly love can feel aggrieved if turned down by a quest for fitness. But it doesn’t come without its fair share of gains… something that leads one to institute a special Maggie counter (a Indian brand name almost tailormade for hunger pangs) at functions. 

The strangest bit is how it complicates relatively simple things. There are rumors of a Desi in Portland who suddenly felt he had to do something for the environment and was immensely impressed by the concept of Earth Hour: 28th March, switch off the lights for an hour, save the planet… all of us have walked that path. Now the Desi hunk suddenly bought a heavy-duty generator to dispel the fear of power-cuts. On being asked he said he came from the tiny alleys of Ludhiana in Punjab, where power-cuts were frequent. Now he didn’t want destiny to play spoilsport in his bid to save the planet. If that spoilsport was a power-cut, he’d simply switch on the lights with the help of his newly purchased generator, and then switch them off!

Radio Mirchi felt that such traits are only a handful in probably a zillion! To the naked eye it may come across as a eccentricities! But then that’s the trick, go beyond it and then there are colors, probably more than one could fathom. This Republic day, Radio Mirchi salutes the Desiness despite the distance from the roots! Oh by the way, according to Desigiri, it is almost criminal to forget roots entrenched in desiness! And much like Radio Mirchi’s mission statement: it’s hot! Show you Desigiri by downloading the Radio Mirchi USA app, available on Android and Appstore.

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