Harvard Study Suggests Aliens May Be Living Among Us on Earth, Claims New Research

Feature and Cover Harvard Study Suggests Aliens May Be Living Among Us on Earth Claims New Research

The search for extraterrestrial life has long captivated humanity, yet after decades of investigation, the question of whether we are alone in the universe remains unanswered. Now, a provocative study from Harvard University suggests that aliens might already be among us, living secretly on Earth.

Researchers at Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program have proposed that “unidentified anomalous phenomena” (UAP), commonly known as UFOs and extraterrestrial beings, could be residing underground, on the moon, or even walking among humans. The study also speculates that UAPs might be spaceships visiting alien friends based on Earth.

The paper notes, “The author became increasingly aware of the depth of evidence and theory that also tentatively supports another extraterrestrial explanation: the ‘cryptoterrestrial’ hypothesis (CTH) – our focus here – which holds that UAP may reflect activities of NHIs concealed here on Earth (e.g., underground) and its environs.”

The study delves into the concept of “cryptoterrestrials” – beings that could be living among us in disguise, originating from Earth’s future, or descending from intelligent dinosaurs. The researchers categorize cryptoterrestrials into four types:

  1. Human Cryptoterrestrials:These are technologically advanced ancient human civilizations that were largely destroyed long ago but have continued to exist in some remnant form.
  1. Hominid or Theropod Cryptoterrestrials:These represent a technologically advanced non-human civilization consisting of terrestrial animals that evolved to live in stealth, such as underground. These beings could be descendants of ape-like hominids or “unknown, intelligent dinosaurs.”
  1. Former Extraterrestrial or Extratemporal Cryptoterrestrials: These entities might have arrived on Earth from elsewhere in the cosmos or from the human future and have concealed themselves in stealth locations, such as on the moon.
  1. Magical Cryptoterrestrials: These entities are less like homegrown aliens and more like “earthbound angels.” They relate to the human world in ways that are less technological and more magical, such as “fairies, elves, and nymphs.”

Acknowledging the unconventional nature of their research, the authors concede that their work is “likely to be regarded skeptically by most scientists.” Nonetheless, they urge the scientific community to consider their claims “in a spirit of epistemic humility and openness.” It should be noted that the paper has not yet undergone peer review.

This study arrives amidst other sensational claims, such as a former US intelligence officer alleging that the US government is concealing a UFO “the size of a football field.”

The Harvard researchers’ hypothesis brings a fresh perspective to the ongoing debate about extraterrestrial life, suggesting that the answer to whether we are alone in the universe might be closer to home than previously thought.

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