Chief Medical Correspondent Urges Biden to Undergo Cognitive Testing Amid Health Concerns

Feature and Cover Chief Medical Correspondent Urges Biden to Undergo Cognitive Testing Amid Health Concerns

CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, has called for President Joe Biden to undergo comprehensive cognitive and movement disorder testing and make the results public. Gupta, a prominent neurosurgeon, wrote in a Friday article that he and several colleagues noticed worrisome signs during Biden’s debate with former President Donald Trump that warrant closer examination of Biden’s health. The symptoms Gupta observed include Biden’s halting speech, quiet voice, slack-jawed appearance, and occasional inability to finish sentences on the debate stage.

“Are we looking at episodes of something? Or is this a condition that should be more fully investigated? And it really seems to be more of the latter,” Gupta remarked on CNN.

Gupta emphasized that the current disclosures about Biden’s health are inadequate for a remote diagnosis. However, following Biden’s concerning debate performance, Gupta and other neurologists agreed that the president needs a detailed evaluation of his cognitive functions, memory, and other potential risk factors.

“In 2020, Biden claimed he was ‘constantly tested’ by the demands of campaigning. ‘All you’ve got to do is watch me,’ he said then,” Gupta pointed out. “The country is watching now, and that assessment gives cause for concern — and a need for transparent testing.”

The doctors’ call for testing comes amid growing doubts about Biden’s ability to run for president, defeat Trump in November, and serve until he is 86. These concerns were heightened by Biden’s recent performance, where he had a raspy voice and gave several incomplete responses. Gupta’s analysis is part of an ongoing media focus on Biden’s age and the transparency of the White House regarding his health.

“It wasn’t that what we noticed was necessarily new but that it was particularly pronounced, and right from the start of the debate,” Gupta wrote, acknowledging that Trump has also previously rambled and confused names or events.

Gupta suggested that factors like low sleep, low blood sugar, or illness could have contributed to Biden’s debate appearance, but testing is necessary to determine the exact cause of the “symptoms displayed” by Biden. He noted that identifying any “possibility of underlying dementia” would ultimately benefit Biden, as early diagnosis and treatment have improved in recent years.

Biden has not been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder. In his annual physical in February, his doctor reported that Biden underwent an “extremely detailed” neurologic exam, which found no symptoms of Parkinson’s and described him as fit for his duties. The exam indicated Biden was being treated for several age-related ailments and had a stiffer gait.

This week, Biden informed a meeting of Democratic governors that he had a medical check-up for a cold after the debate. However, previous health reports have not mentioned any cognitive tests. To reassure voters about his health, Biden is making several public appearances this weekend, including a highly anticipated interview with ABC News scheduled to air on Friday.

The issue of Biden’s health has become a focal point as the election approaches. Gupta’s concerns reflect a broader debate about the transparency of presidential candidates’ health information. Gupta’s commentary underscores the need for detailed cognitive testing to address public concerns about Biden’s fitness for office.

By making his health records more transparent, Biden could potentially alleviate some of the public’s worries. Gupta and his colleagues believe that a thorough examination and sharing the results would provide clarity on Biden’s health status. This approach would help in dispelling doubts and reinforcing the public’s trust in the president’s ability to serve effectively.

The scrutiny of Biden’s health is not new but has intensified with the upcoming election. The media and public are closely watching Biden’s appearances and statements, looking for any signs of health issues. The debate performance brought these concerns to the forefront, prompting medical experts like Gupta to call for more transparency and detailed health assessments.

Gupta’s call for cognitive and movement disorder testing for President Biden reflects the ongoing concerns about the president’s health and the need for transparency. As the election draws nearer, the public and media will continue to scrutinize Biden’s health, making it crucial for the president to address these concerns openly.

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