Vikas Khanna Says, Diversity Of Indian Cuisine Is Simply Unparalleled

Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, who is set to host the first episode of the upcoming docu-series ‘The Journey of India’, recently shared that no other cuisine in the world can match up to the Indian cuisine.

The Michelin-star chef said: “I have travelled to innumerable countries in my time as a chef. However, the diversity of Indian cuisine is simply unparalleled. The complexity of flavours and the multiple notes it can hit at once simultaneously makes it unlike any other. Indian food has a soul of its own.”

Vikas will take the viewers across India and the extraordinary ingredients, flavours, recipes and cuisines that define India through the show. The episode will also feature other experts from the culinary industry who share their experiences and vast knowledge on the subject, decoding India’s wholesome food ventures that have put India and its food on the global map.

“I can’t wait to take my fellow viewers through the journey of India’s un-really diverse palette and how it emerged as one of the top global delicacies,” Vikas added.

He also mentioned that the Golden Temple was his glimmer of hope and inspiration, where any celebration began with the langar seva, the selfless service feeding thousands of hungry souls among many other experiences.

‘The Journey of India’ will air on Discovery’s network of channels in India and drop on OTT platform discovery+ on October 10. (IANS)

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