US Braces for Potential Iranian Strikes on Israel, Prepares Defense and Diplomatic Measures

Featured & Cover US Braces for Potential Iranian Strikes on Israel Prepares Defense and Diplomatic Measures

The United States is anticipating imminent strikes by Iran on multiple targets within Israel, CNN sources report. The Biden administration is bracing for a potentially volatile and unpredictable period in the Middle East. President Joe Biden warned that these attacks could happen “sooner than later” and issued a stern public message to Tehran: “Don’t.”

A conflict between Iran and Israel would mark a significant escalation in the region, a scenario the US has sought to avoid since the Israel-Hamas war began in October. The US is prepared to assist in intercepting any weapons aimed at its ally.

According to senior administration officials and intelligence sources, Iranian proxies might also be involved in the upcoming attacks, which could target locations both inside Israel and across the region. The US is poised to intercept weapons launched at Israel, indicating strong ongoing cooperation between the two militaries.

US intelligence has observed Iran moving military assets internally, including drones and cruise missiles, suggesting preparations for attacks on Israeli targets from within Iranian territory. There’s uncertainty whether Iran plans an initial strike from its soil or is posturing to deter potential counterattacks.

President Biden reaffirmed the US commitment to Israel’s security, emphasizing their readiness to support and defend Israel against Iranian aggression. The White House emphasized the “real,” “credible,” and “viable” threat posed by Iran following Israel’s recent attack on an Iranian diplomatic compound in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of three Iranian generals.

The US, along with Britain and France, issued new travel advisories for government personnel in Israel due to the looming Iranian threat. US Navy forces in the Red Sea have intercepted missiles aimed at Israel in the past, and additional military assets are being deployed to the Middle East to enhance regional deterrence efforts and protect US forces.

The Defense Department is bolstering air defenses for troops stationed in Iraq and Syria following multiple attacks by Iran-backed forces in recent months. While the US does not anticipate direct attacks on its forces, precautionary measures are being taken.

There’s speculation that any Iranian attack on Israel would likely be carried out by proxy forces rather than directly by Iran, as Tehran is wary of a dramatic escalation. However, Iran has urged its proxy militias to launch a large-scale attack against Israel using drones and missiles.

President Biden has been briefed regularly on the situation and is actively engaged in efforts to de-escalate tensions. US officials are in constant communication with Israel, urging restraint and providing support to ensure Israel’s ability to defend itself.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been urging other countries to press Iran to avoid escalating the conflict. Diplomatic efforts include discussions with Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, and European allies to convey the message to Iran.

In response to the heightened threat level, the US State Department has restricted the travel of government personnel in Israel, and France has advised its citizens against traveling to Iran, Lebanon, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territories due to the risk of military escalation.

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