Trump’s Potential Return to Presidency Could Lead to ‘Dictatorship and Anarchy’ Warns Historian; Former President Found Guilty on All Charges

Featured & Cover Trump's Potential Return to Presidency Could Lead to 'Dictatorship and Anarchy' Warns Historian; Former President Found Guilty on All Charges

Michael Beschloss, a revered historian specializing in the American presidency, sounded a note of caution on an MSNBC show on Saturday. He warned that if former President Donald Trump were to regain his position in the Oval Office, it could result in a dangerous slide towards “dictatorship and anarchy” for the United States.

Beschloss’s Analysis:

Speaking on “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capeheart,” Beschloss emphasized the gravity of the situation. He stated, “He is saying, I will dismantle our rule of law, which is the glory of America, keeps the peace, assures fairness when it works for all Americans. You’ve got dictatorship and anarchy at the same time.”

He further highlighted the stark choice that lies ahead, labeling Trump as a “convicted felon.” Beschloss went on to discuss Trump’s public statement delivered post-trial where the former president expressed his desire to “dismantle parts of the Constitution” and labeled the system as “rotten.”

Trump’s Conviction:

In a precedent-setting case, Trump was pronounced guilty by a jury in New York City on all 34 felony charges of falsifying business records. This marked the first time in history a current or former American president has been tried in court.

Trump’s Post-Conviction Speech:

Following his conviction, Trump addressed the public, claiming, “Our country is in very bad shape, and they’re very much against me saying these things.” He criticized the current administration for their plans to raise taxes and impose mandates that would hinder car ownership.

Trump declared himself the leading contender for the presidency, outranking Joe Biden and the rest of the Republican field. He claimed his speech was hampered by a court-issued gag order and accused the White House and the Department of Justice of being in collusion with Biden’s administration.

In his speech, Trump expressed his belief that his trial was rigged and that his requests for a venue change and a non-conflicted judge were denied.

Post-Conviction Developments:

Following his conviction, Trump made a public appearance at a UFC fight over the weekend where he was met with cheers from the crowd. His campaign also managed to raise an impressive nearly $53 million within a day of the verdict. Despite the recent controversy and his legal troubles, these events suggest that Trump still retains significant support among certain sections of the American populace.

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