Spiritual Leader Rajinder Singh To Host Community Event In New Jersey, Canada

Featured & Cover Spiritual Leader Rajinder Singh To Host Community Event In New Jersey Canada

Internationally recognized spiritual leader and best-selling author, Rajinder Singh will host an event in New Brunswick, New Jersey on July.5 and July.6.

On July.5 at 7 pm, he will present a talk in English entitled “Peace and Joy Await You Within” with Spanish translation. On July.6, at 3 pm, Singh will give a spiritual discourse in Hindi with English and Spanish translations. The program will take place at the Hyatt Regency New Brunswick Hotel. His talks will include detailed meditation instructions. Both programs are free and open to the public.

The spiritual leader will offer key insights and techniques as highlighted in his books: the Amazon bestsellers Detox the Mind, Inner and Outer Peace through Meditation, and Empowering Your Soul through Meditation, among others. He will demonstrate how this practice of inner awakening can enrich our lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually, providing a framework for peace and happiness to impact not only our own lives but also those of our families, colleagues, communities, and beyond.

As the head of Science of Spirituality, a global spiritual organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation, Singh travels the globe, teaching people how they can uncover the treasures of spirituality within themselves with a practical method of meditation. He emphasizes that building a peaceful world begins with the first foundation stone — ourselves.

Singh’s contributions to world peace span decades, and he has been honored by many institutions for his efforts to bring people of all nations, cultures, and traditions together.

He has been a featured speaker on many occasions, including the Millennium World Peace Summit and the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, where he led an audience of thousands in meditation at the Cathedral of St John the Divine. Additionally, he has served as a keynote speaker at the United Nations, delivering a talk on “Building Bridges through Meditation”.

He will offer key insights and techniques on finding peace and joy as highlighted in his books. Singh’s Global Meditation in Place programs, simulcast weekly throughout the world, started during the pandemic and continue to enhance the lives of tens of thousands.

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