PPA Entertainment Successfully Launches Mega Event After Covid

Hundreds of artists and community members were recognized at the very first event of PPA Entertainment at Big Suchir, Downers Grove, IL. PPA Entertainment has been created on the foundation of friendship and community service by three music loving and philanthropist friends. The purpose of the event was not only to celebrate music and friendship but also to recognize the family and friends of the artists and leaders who support them without coming into limelight.

PPA Entertainment is run by Pinky and Dinesh Thakkar, Pratibha Jairath and Ashok Potdar. Pinky Thakkar is a successful female entrepreneur along with a number of talents that she has. A wife, a mother, a brand mother , a businesswoman, and an artist , Ms. Thakkar has been supporting various community initiatives for many years. Pratibha Jairath is a well-known name in the community for her super successful events and artistic skills. Ashok Potdar is known for his community service that he provides running a successful association helping hundreds of senior citizens.

The beautiful musical event started with lamp lighting by the organizers along with the chief guest Sunil Shah and his wife Rita Shah and other distinguished guests followed by a melodious devotional song by Rita Shah.  Sunil Shah congratulated the organizers for organizing a well thought-out and well-planned event. He mentioned how these events build bridges and bring communities and people together. He, as always, ensured his support for all the future initiatives of PPA Entertainment and extended his best wishes to everyone.

Sunil Shah and Rita Shah presented plaques to the special guests that included Dr. Bhupinder Beri, Aparna Khot , Dinesh Thakkar, Kirit Thakkar, Gurmeet Dhalwan  , Dr. Asha Oroskar, Dr. Kamal Patel  , Anil Loomba, Brij Sharma, Vijay Sharma, Vinita Gulabani.  Brij Sharma, CEO POWERVOLT, talked about his inspirational journey as a successful entrepreneur and explained how his wife Vijay Sharma stood by him like a pillar of strength through thick and thin

Some guests were recognized for their contributions in their respective fields that included Prachi Jaitly, Phani Krishna and Naveen Karna (AANA Team), Dr Madhu Uppal, Malhan, Ramesh, Dharam Punwani, Raju Bankapur, Shaila Khedkar, Sanjiv Gulati, Ali Khan, Hitesh Gandhi, Anil Loomba, Altaf Bukhari, Pinky Thakkar, Ashok Potdar,  Neha Potdar, Pina Potdar, , Saif Ali, Suresh Bodiwala , Niranjan Nathwani, Chirag Shah, Raman Patel, Late Mr. Chitu Patel, Gaurang Ahivasi and Dipti Soni.

Rita Shah gave an immaculate singing performance with a very beautiful and soulful song and proved her mettle in the field of music. Her notes and pitch was right on like any professional vocalist and spoke volumes of her amazing artistic capabilities. The evening was made melodious by a number of vocalists that included Rita Shah, Pratibha Jairath, Bhupendra Beri, Raju Bankapur, Shaila Khedkar, Jitendra Bulsara, Sanjiv Gulati, Mir Ali , Shirley K, Usha Kumaria, Anil and Asha Oroskar, Bharat Dhutia, Pinky Thakkar, Kirit Thakkar, Mukund Thakkar, Harish Thakkar, Hansa Patel, Saif Ali, Ashok Potdar, Gopal Bhardwaz.

The musical atmosphere was very well complemented by a sumptuous five course dinner by Big Suchir. The excellent hospitality and beautiful venue added to the grace of the entire event. Big Suchir, located in Downers Grove, IL and run by a very well-known entrepreneur Niranjan Nathwani, is a favorite venue of thousands of people. After the dinner, the event concluded with all the guests dancing to the musical beats along with a vote of thanks by the organizers.

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