OpenAI Appoints Pragya Misra as India Lead for Policy and Partnerships

Feature and Cover OpenAI Appoints Pragya Misra as India Lead for Policy and Partnerships

OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, has enlisted Pragya Misra as its inaugural recruit in India. Sources revealed to IANS that Ms. Misra’s role will focus on steering public policy affairs and forging partnerships within the nation.

Formerly, she held the position of Director of Public Affairs at Truecaller, where she extensively collaborated with governmental bodies, investors, vital stakeholders, and media affiliates. Preceding her tenure at Truecaller, she dedicated three years to Meta Platforms.

Notably, Pragya Misra assumed the mantle as the pioneer employee of WhatsApp in India. She spearheaded WhatsApp’s endeavors combating misinformation in 2018 and contributed her expertise to firms like Ernst & Young as well as the Royal Danish Embassy in Delhi. Ms. Misra attained her MBA from the International Management Institute in 2012, having completed her undergraduate studies in commerce at Delhi University. Furthermore, she holds a Diploma in Bargaining and Negotiations from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ms. Misra’s multifaceted talents extend beyond her professional domain. She boasts a considerable following of 35,000 on Instagram, where she wields influence. Additionally, she is a podcaster, hosting the Pragyaan podcast (@pragyaan_podcast), which delves into subjects ranging from meditation to human consciousness.

Moreover, as a Heartfulness meditation trainer, Ms. Misra shares her expertise in fostering mindfulness. Her diverse array of engagements exemplifies her commitment to holistic well-being and intellectual exploration.

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