OFBJP Supporters Rally at Times Square in Solidarity with Modi: Global Display of Unity

Featured & Cover OFBJP Supporters Rally at Times Square in Solidarity with Modi Global Display of Unity

OFBJP supporters, led by Dr. Adapa Prasad, president of OFBJP-USA, organized a gathering dubbed “Modi Ka Parivar” at the iconic Times Square in New York City on Sunday, April 14, 2024.

The event witnessed hundreds of supporters of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi congregating to exhibit their solidarity, reinforcing their association with the Modi Parivar (family) and conveying a resounding message that the Modi Parivar transcends geographical boundaries, according to a press release from OFBJP-USA. Participants proudly displayed flags, banners, and placards adorned with slogans echoing their unwavering support.

Dr. Prasad commended the dedication of OFBJP volunteers, underscoring the significance of standing united in backing Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a prosperous and inclusive India.

Krishna Reddy, a leading volunteer, expressed his gratification, stating, “It’s heartening to witness so many people coming together to support our beloved Prime Minister. This gathering truly demonstrates the strength and unity of the Modi Parivar.”

Dr. Vasudev Patel, General Secretary of OFBJP-USA, extended gratitude to community leaders and volunteers for showcasing solidarity.

Charan Singh, a community leader, highlighted the overwhelming support from the NRI community. Notable figure Kalpana Shukla depicted Modi as a “savior for the world, tirelessly working for the betterment of people in India and around the globe,” as per the press release.

The event attracted supporters from New Jersey, all boroughs of New York, and Connecticut, as confirmed by organizers.

Additionally, various prominent community leaders and volunteers, including Amar Goswamy, Gunjan Mishra, Jayesh Patel, Sivadasan Nair, Jayasree Nair, Madhukar Reddy, Pranav Patel, Nilima Madan, Anand Gupta, along with numerous others, participated in the march.

Similar demonstrations took place in Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, and Hollywood, California. At each location, over a hundred OFBJP supporters waved flags and chanted slogans in solidarity with Modi, while local community leaders delivered speeches.

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