New York’s Michelin Star Indian Restaurant, Junoon Reopens With Cleaner Air And Safer Dining Experience

In an effort NOT to have to shut their doors again after a year-long closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NYC’s Michelin Star Indian restaurant, Junoon, has taken some radical measures to ensure the safety of their guests. Having reopened last month with a new look, new concept and the same team, the restaurant has invested the same passion into their dining room as they do in their dining experience — by installing ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) units made by Sufi Robotics, a leading manufacturer of tested and researched UV equipment, to purify the air around the building. Adding ultraviolet air purification devices to an existing HVAC system provides a high return on investment, while destroying 99.9% of the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens by disinfecting the air as it circulates through the ventilation system.

UVGI technology uses UVC light to naturally clean air and surfaces without harmful and harsh chemicals. Although not a new technology, UV sanitization has renewed interest because it is a “green” solution. Sufi Robotics Air+Surface UVGI technology has been used in countless buildings with a full range of systems in place. In the past six months, schools, colleges restaurants, hotels and event venues, from Lincoln Center to the Refinery Hotel to Kearny Bank to the County of Gloucester, have made their environment healthier and more sustainable through UGVI and other CDC, EPA, FDA-approved, N-list applicable, organic solutions provided by Sufi Robotics.

Junoon is a contemporary restaurant offering dining experiences to satisfy all aspects of fine cuisine: wine selection, service, ambiance, and atmosphere. Earning both a Michelin star and a Wine Spectator Best Award of Excellence for eight consecutive years since opening in 2010. Our menu reflects the diversity of India, steeped in the classics while offering deft touches of modernity. Our wine programs are constructed to pique the interest of the novice yet be alluring to the enthusiast and to focus on regions that best compliment our cuisine. Our service style emphasizes hospitality with knowledgeable, technically proficient staff who are present yet unobtrusive. The result is a vibrant and trendsetting scene, full of energy and sophistication. Junoon is a place of gathering, a place of celebration, a place for business, and a place for pleasure.

Sufi Robotics is an industry leader in air and surface disinfection using UVC light technology and List N compatible devices to help mitigate risk from bacteria, viruses and germs.  UVC light is a “green” alternative, offering a natural solution for disinfection, and has been used in a variety of applications such as food, air and water purification since the mid-20th century. Sufi Robotics is responding to the demand for sanitation because health and safety, previously taken for granted, are now top-of-mind for everyone, thus providing a solution to challenges impeding the resumption of normal activities. For more on Sufi Robotics, a certified, woman and minority-owned business, please visit

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