Padma Lakshmi Honored with ICON Award by Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration

Featured & Cover Padma Lakshmi Honored with ICON Award by Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration

Padma Lakshmi, the Indian American TV presenter and culinary expert, was honored with the prestigious ICON Award by Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (SHA) at its annual Hospitality Leadership Summit.

The accolade, aimed at acknowledging trailblazers who revolutionize paradigms in hospitality, hailed Lakshmi’s remarkable accomplishments and her staunch advocacy on diverse issues.

Renowned for her roles as a host and executive producer on the acclaimed Hulu series “Taste the Nation” and Bravo’s Emmy-winning “Top Chef,” Lakshmi recounted her unexpected foray into the culinary world. She reminisced about her background as a theater major during a dialogue with Arun Upneja, the dean of Boston University SHA.

Underlining hospitality’s essence as a conduit for embracing strangers and nurturing their well-being, Lakshmi stressed its profound significance transcending mere commercial transactions. Her sentiments echoed SHA’s dedication to fostering excellence in hospitality education.

Expressing her perspective, she articulated, “I come at food from a very personal point of view, through my writing and my television shows, and I really think what [we] do is not so much about commerce and business, but it’s about welcoming [a] stranger into your space and making them feel cared for.”

She further remarked, “At the end of the day, I think everyone needs to learn how to do that, even if they don’t work in the industry. For me, hospitality has always been about making it easier for people who you welcome into your home. I’m so honored that you would give me this award and welcome me into your fold.”

The summit, graced by industry stalwarts, students, and faculty, not only celebrated Lakshmi’s triumphs but also highlighted the hospitality industry’s innovative spirit. It served as a platform for discussions, presentations, and networking, aiming to foster collaboration and drive positive transformation within the sector.

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