Life Partner USA Launched in Chicago

Chicago IL: Life Partner USA – A community-based organization dedicated to facilitating meeting of life partners – has been ceremoniously launched in Chicago with the attendance of a host of community and business leaders on July 31, 2021 at Naren Patel Auditorium in the Hillside, IL with the attendance of Chicago’s prominent community and business leaders.

It takes 10 seconds to break someone’s life and takes your entire life to give someone new life. In Indian community any reason a person over 50 years old’s wife expires. He has everything except nobody to talk to. He is feeling too lonely and causes mental health problems such as depression. They get addicted to NARCO (Tylenol 3, Vicodin) alcohol, marijuana, and drugs. In severe cases, they commit suicide. On the other hand, no Indian women get ready after 50 years old. This is a massive growing problem in our society, if you find out from seances bureau numbers are very high for them. To resolve this, we have Life Partner U.S.A.

We are not a marriage bureau or matchmakers, our main goal is bringing two people together, everything will be confidential; nobody will know about you and our Service is Free of cost. This official launch of Life Partner USA was celebrated with a great festivity overwhelmed by an extravagant musical show featuring some of Chicago’s finest vocalists: Bhupinder Singh, Rama Raghu, Jitender Bulsara, Rita Shah and Pratibha Jairath with the masterful orchestration led by Hitesh Master and his troupe.

The event kicked-off with the lamp-lighting ceremony with frontline community leaders. Chicago Alderman David Moore, who served as the chief, guest in his remarks, commended Mr. Suresh Bodiwala for creating an outstanding platform for the people to find life partners who are devoid of them in the life. Alderman David Moore expressed his praise for the Life Partner USA and its mission to help meet soulmates.

Speaking at the ceremony, Founder/President Suresh Bodiwala said he is truly impacted by struggles of life of single/divorced/widowed individuals living without a life partner in abject loneliness silently suffering the pangs of life without companionship.  President Suresh Bodiwala explained in detail the objective of Life Partner USA which he founded and narrated his journey of life.

Presiding over the event, Mr. Suresh Bodiwala expressed his desire to serve the supreme power by assisting mankind and by serving humanity. He has a strong will to live up to his ripe age and use each hour to serve humanity for the remaining 31 years. He is also the founder President / Chairman for Asian Media USA, Asian community USA, Asian cremation USA, Asian Wedding USA, Asian Business USA, Asian Broadcasting USA, Best of Chicago USA, Gandhi Memorial Chicago, Bollywood Ticket and Bollywood Muzik.

The event was supported by some amazing sponsors who were recognized with a plaque for their community service in their respective fields. The Grand Sponsor was Mr. Mafatbhai Patel, Distinguished Community Leadership Award, Mr. Sunil Shah, Distinguished Community Leadership Award, Mr. Iftekhar Shareef, Distinguished Community Leadership Award, Shobhana Kothari, Media Excellence Award were Rita Shah, Distinguished Community Service Excellence Award, Keerthi Kumar Ravoori  with Distinguished Leadership award, Dr. Bhupinder Beri, Community Service Award , Pinky Dinesh Thakkar Community Service Award, Sohan Joshi, Community Service Award, Ketan Shah , Community Service Award, Hasmukh Kothari, Community Service Excellence Award, Hanumanth Reddy, Leadership role in the Indian American community.

The efforts of Life Partner USA are supported by a number of ambassadors representing a variety of communities and language groups. The ambassadors are Hema Shastri, Bharti Desai, Hima Mehta (NJ), Sandhya Bhatt, Mr Kanti N Patel, Farhana Altaf Bukhari, Nita Bodiwala, Vishnu Mahadeshwar, Subhash Mantri, Meena savant, Srinivas Aanaya, Lakshman Swamy, Shirley Kalvakota, Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan, Usha Kamaria, Keerthi Ravoori, and Umira Khan. Noman Khan served as the Emcee for the evening.

Mr. Suresh Bodiwala immigrated to the United States in 1969. He is an academic scholar and worked as a Director of Engineering in Research and Development fields in Aerospace and Nuclear Industries for 36 years winning several distinguished honors and awards. He is married to his childhood sweetheart, Usha, for over 48 wonderful years. “With the blessing of God, we are physically and mentally blessed and are a ‘happy’ family with three talented daughters and four grandchildren”, said Mr Bodiwala while addressing the audience.

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