NDA’s 293 MPs Exclude Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs Despite Significant Populations

Featured & Cover NDA's 293 MPs Exclude Muslims Christians and Sikhs Despite Significant Populations

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), currently has 293 elected Members of Parliament (MPs), none of whom are from Muslim, Christian, or Sikh communities. This lack of representation is particularly stark given that India is home to over 200 million Muslims, more than 23 million Sikhs, and over 22 million Christians. This observation was highlighted in an analysis by the Hindustan Times.

Trinamool Congress leader and elected MP Mahua Moitra addressed this absence of minority representation, stating, “Over 200 million Muslims, 23 million Sikhs & 22 million Christians in India and yet NDA has zero representation in Lok Sabha. Modi Ke Saath Sabh Ka Vinaash.”

The BJP’s election campaign has often been criticized for promoting hate and making genocidal comments against Muslims, who are India’s largest religious minority. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been reported to have delivered over a hundred speeches with such undertones. Over the past decade under Modi’s leadership, religious minorities, particularly Muslims and Christians, have endured various forms of violence ranging from right-wing street violence to state-sponsored actions.

In terms of caste representation within the NDA, upper-caste Hindus, including Brahmins, Rajputs, and others, form 33.2% of the elected MPs. Intermediate castes such as Marathas, Jats, Lingayats, Patidars, Reddys, and Vokkaligas account for 15.7%, while Other Backward Classes (OBCs), including Yadavs and Kurmis, make up 26.2%. In comparison, the INDIA alliance’s composition includes 12.4% upper-caste Hindus, 11.9% intermediate castes, and 30.7% OBCs.

Dalit representation is another significant aspect of the parliamentary demographic. Within the NDA, Dalits constitute 13.3% of the elected MPs, while in the INDIA alliance, they account for 17.8%. Tribal representation is 10.8% in the NDA and 9.9% in the INDIA alliance.

Muslims, despite their significant population in India, have very limited representation. The INDIA alliance has 7.9% Muslim MPs, with 22 Muslim MPs elected on INDIA alliance tickets. Across the entire 18th Lok Sabha, there are only 24 Muslim MPs. Christian representation in the INDIA alliance stands at 3.5%.

Interestingly, the Buddhist community has no representation in the winners from both the NDA and the INDIA alliances. This lack of diversity highlights ongoing issues regarding the inclusivity of India’s parliamentary representation.

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