“My Job Is Not Just An Occupation; It Has Became A Vocation:” Alfons Madoc

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A dynamic woman with a diverse range of experiences and skills, Alfons Madoc, the current Head of Human Resources and Organizational Culture at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India, where there are educators and students from 70+ nationalities, and immense cross-cultural exposure achieved through the process, has come a long way, since she began her career at the age of 20 as a management trainee at Cipla Pharmaceuticals. With six promotions in a span of five years in Marketing and Sales, Ms. Madoc began her journey of success.

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 10 at 22 49 39After five years in the workforce, Ms. Madoc was soon promoted to Regional Manager at Cipla, a large Pharmaceutical company in India. She describes, “The key to my success in my first organization was purely results.” Even when asked about a few lifetime achievements, Ms. Madoc takes pride in being the first ever Woman Regional Manager in Cipla.

Educated at the Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi, Ms. Alfons earned her undergraduate degree from Delhi University before attaining a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. A certified Independent Director and holding expertise in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) through certifications from India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Ms. Madoc is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Life and Leadership Coach.

Having a robust background in corporate strategic planning, recruitment, policy advisory and formulation, employeeDSCF9343 (1) engagement, executive development, and performance management, Ms. Madoc’s expertise spans various HR roles, underpinned by a deep understanding of labor laws and service conditions. Ms. Madoc confidently claims, “I have contributed to the success of diverse organizations, including a Foreign Mission, an International School, Corporate Healthcare, a Charitable Private Mission Hospital, and a Corporate Pharmaceutical Company.”

With the desire to contribute to the wellbeing of the larger society, Ms. Madoc found and devoted her life, skills, and expertise to St. Stephen’s Hospital in Delhi, a charitable mission hospital that caters to the marginalized society in Old Delhi. “From pharmaceuticals, I moved to healthcare, and from marketing, I moved to Human Resources, and in many ways, from my job being just an occupation, it became a vocation for me,” explains Ms. Madoc about her transition.

AMIT7280Ms. Alfons greatly admires her time at St. Stephen’s Mission Hospital, where she spent nine years in health care. “While my role was primarily in HR, whenever I got an opportunity, I worked as a Social Worker there at the Hospital,” catering to the diverse needs of the patients and families.

From a not-for-profit healthcare setting, Ms. Madoc shifted to a world of corporate healthcare. A seven years experience as the Assistant General Manager for HR, looking after four Hospitals under Fortis situated in Delhi and across North India; this was a major shift towards the branch of corporate HR.

The determination and qualities portrayed by Ms. Madoc in the field of HR led her to the Australian HighWhatsApp Image 2023 12 10 at 22 54 55 Commission, where she was recruited as the Head of HR for the Southwest Asian Region. She explains her work at the Foreign Mission as “a wonderful journey through the global outreach of HR, how HR functions beyond the Indian borders, and how cross-cultural experiences and cross-cultural competencies come into play.”

One of the roles Ms. Alfons enjoyed was the implementation program on work-level standards and the introduction of various mentoring policies, which led to the discovery of a better understanding of the global perspectives on HR. Ms Alfons brought about several changes and helped implement various projects on work-level standards across the globe,

WhatsApp Image 2023 12 10 at 22 46 19Ms. Alfons emphasizes the need to be aware of how we do what we do and also the importance of knowing why we do what we do. Recognizing her dynamism, creativity, and leadership, Ms. Madoc was awarded the High Commissioner’s Excellence Award for her contributions to the Australian High Commission.

Ms. Madoc was appointed as the  Head of HR and Organizational Culture at the American Embassy School in New Delhi towards the end of the pandemic. At the American Embassy School, she is focused on bringing in the best educators from across the globe, benefitting the diverse population it serves. In her current role, the major areas where Ms. Madoc offers guidance and leadership are general governance and policy, human resources, employee relations, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ms. Madoc believes that “the prospect of community magnets is extremely powerful, particularly when they get together for the greater good of the community. It has the potential for positive changes.”

Over the years, Ms. Madoc believes that “My job is not just an occupation. It has become a vocation.”

Ms. Madoc describes “the unwavering commitment to hard work, determination, grit, and discipline, all firmlyWhatsApp Image 2023 12 10 at 22 59 59 rooted in the foundational values instilled by my parents and family” as the keys to her success. “Beyond the tangible elements, the true secret is steadfast belief in one’s capabilities. I firmly believe that faith can move mountains,” Ms. Madoc adds.

Ms. Madoc gives credit to her family for her achievements. “The individuals who have profoundly impacted my life and played a pivotal role in my success include my parents and family. Additionally, I owe a debt of gratitude to both compassionate and challenging bosses, whose guidance has been instrumental. The support and affection from my friends and colleagues have made my journey joyful.”

Ms. Madoc hails from Delhi and “was nurtured in a warm and affectionate environment by my exceptional parents within our expansive and loving family.” She describes her family to be “international” where her siblings and their families are “scattered across the globe, with locations spanning across the United States, Australia, Japan, Bangalore, Kerala, Pune, and New Delhi.”

“My life’s mission has been a constant pursuit of self-improvement, aspiring to be a better version of myself each day,” says Ms. Madoc. “I am dedicated to evolving into a better human being, a more accomplished professional, a nurturing mother, a devoted daughter, a supportive wife, a caring sibling, and an improved citizen. Each day, I strive to surpass the person I was yesterday and today, fostering continuous growth in every aspect of my life.”

Married to a freelance marketing professional, Ms. Madoc is “a proud mother of two wonderful boys. My elder son is on the brink of embarking on his MBA journey, while my younger son has recently begun his first year as a law student.”

A happy, lively, and cheerful person, Ms. Madoc envisions “a world characterized by tranquility, boundless love, and an atmosphere of wonder and excitement. It’s where carefree joy and laughter echo, creating an environment that radiates positivity and warmth.”

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