Mata Ki Chowki celebrated by thousands of devotees at Hari Om Mandir

Chicago IL: Saturday, May 6, 2017 will always be remembered in the history of Hari Om Mandir as a day of Blessings and Miracles!!! A Special Mata Ki Chowki was organized by a Generous Sponsor Suga Builders, who had invited a group of very talented Musicians and Singers from Mumbai, India, named Melody Express, to perform that evening. True to their name, the 3 Singers – Sunny Jadhav, Dhanashri Bhavaria and Vinod Sutaria regaled the audiences with their melodious voices and nonstop devotional songs for three hours.

The highlight of the evening was the blessings showered from Heaven Above!!! A special Helicopter was arranged to shower Flowers on the Tall Hanuman Statue that stands upright, at the Temple Entrance. Hundreds of devotees gathered outside, eagerly awaiting the Chopper to come around, all eyes glued to the sky above, and chanting “Jai Shree Ram, Jai Hanuman”, finally the Red Helicopter descended close above the statue and started to shower Rose Petals on one and all!!! The plane made four circles around, showering loads of flowers. Finally, the pilot also tried to throw a Garland around Hanuman Ji’s neck, but due to the windy conditions, the garland fell at the Feet of Hanuman Ji. That was indeed Amazing! Awesome! Magical! Enchanting! Wonderful! Mesmerizing!  Every soul present there, felt exceptionally blessed that day, to have witnessed something so Divine!!!!

After such a glorious start to the evening, the Congregation Hall of Hari Om Mandir was full to capacity, people occupying every inch of space to get a glimpse of the singers & performers. The Group of artists also presented episodes from Indian Mythology, who portrayed different characters like Sudama, Radha Krishna & Gopis, Maa Durga along with Her Sher, Shiv Ji with His Damru etc. etc. People were overjoyed with the whole show and danced their hearts out to sing & dance with them.

Another feature of the evening, highly appreciated by the young parents in the gathering, was a Magic Show organized for the kids, in the Basement of the Mandir.  A Magician, A Face Painting Artist and a Balloons Master engaged almost 100 children with their tactics and kept them busy…which worked out best for both – Adults & Children!

Suga Builders, established in 1991 specializes in national franchises as well as new home construction. The company is extended throughout Chicago with its main office in Naperville and construction projects are branched throughout Illinois. It delivers high quality performance through real world experience, innovation and exceptional customer service. It believes in providing quality results through creativity, style and professionalism.

Asian Media Editor, Prachi Jaitly, spoke with some of the guests and heard nothing but praise for the entire program. “We felt as if we were sitting at Vaishno Mata’s Darbaar”, said Prachi Jaitly. People were full of love and admiration for the host of the event Mr. Jasbir Suga.

“Mr. Jasbir Suga is the epitome of honesty, humility and hard work and today’s event is one of the prime examples of that”, said one of the guests.  Big or small, Suga Builders has been supporting almost all Indian American community events for years. Each and every known face of Indian American community was present there to reciprocate the love and support that they have always received from Suga.

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