India’s Mobile Download Speeds Soar, Climbing 72 Places on Global Index Thanks to 5G Adoption

Featured & Cover India's Mobile Download Speeds Soar Climbing 72 Places on Global Index Thanks to 5G Adoption

Over the past year, India has experienced a remarkable surge in mobile download speeds, with significant improvements attributed to the launch of 5G technology. According to Ookla® data, India catapulted 72 positions on the Speedtest Global Index™, advancing from the 119th spot in September 2022 to a commendable 47th position in August 2023. This surge is directly correlated with the introduction of 5G, marking a 3.59 times increase in speed performance.

Key Takeaways:

1.Speed Performance Surge:India’s median download speeds witnessed a substantial boost, surging from 13.87 Mbps in September 2022 to an impressive 50.21 Mbps in August 2023. This surge in speed played a pivotal role in India’s ascent on the Speedtest Global Index, propelling the nation from 119th to 47th place.

  1. 5G Benefits Across Telecom Circles:The positive impact of 5G extends across all telecom circles in India, enhancing the overall user experience. Operators, including Jio and Airtel, have invested in backhaul infrastructure, resulting in increased 5G subscribers. The deployment of numerous 5G base stations nationwide reflects the ambitious rollout plans of these operators.

3.Diverse Benefits of 5G:Beyond faster speeds, 5G has contributed to higher customer satisfaction, evident in the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Users on 5G consistently rate their network operators more positively compared to 4G users. Additionally, the introduction of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services addresses connectivity challenges in areas where laying fiber is impractical.

4.Improvement Across Telecom Circles:Mobile performance has significantly improved in all telecom circles in India. The 5G spectrum auction enabled operators to address issues like network congestion, leading to successful offloading of 4G traffic onto 5G networks. The median download speed increase of 3.59 times since the introduction of 5G is particularly noteworthy.

5.Regional Leadership in Speeds:Jammu and Kashmir emerged as the leader in mobile median download speeds at 150.96 Mbps in August 2023, surpassing other regions like Bihar and Kolkata. The region’s focus on developing infrastructure in tourist destinations contributed to this achievement.

6.Fast-paced 5G Adoption:Operators such as Jio and Airtel have actively implemented 5G technology since October 2022, expanding coverage beyond major cities. The impressive increase in median 5G download speeds across all telecom circles, exceeding 240 Mbps, reflects the success of these deployments.

7.5G’s Impact on Net Promoter Scores:The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for 5G users in India consistently outperforms that of 4G/LTE users. In Q2 2023, the 5G NPS scored 15.80 compared to -29.65 for 4G, reflecting higher levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

8.Maximum Download Speeds Exceed 1.7 Gbps:Speedtest data reveals that operators in India have achieved maximum download speeds exceeding 1.7 Gbps, showcasing the full potential of 5G connections. Speedtest’s ability to thoroughly saturate a user’s connection ensures accurate measurements of the maximum speeds available.

9.5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Services:Operators have introduced 5G FWA services as an alternative to traditional fixed networks, particularly in areas where laying fiber is costly or impractical. Bharti Airtel and Jio have launched ‘Airtel Xstream AirFiber’ and ‘JioAirFiber’ respectively, offering broadband connectivity with diverse plan options.

10.Continued Monitoring and Future Prospects:The article concludes by highlighting the ongoing monitoring of 5G performance in India. As more consumers connect with 5G devices and utilize 5G FWA, Ookla® commits to providing analyses and insights through their research subscription.

India’s remarkable leap in mobile download speeds, fueled by the widespread adoption of 5G technology, signifies a transformative phase in the country’s telecommunications landscape. The positive impact on user experience, regional leadership in speeds, and the introduction of innovative services like 5G FWA position India as a prominent player in the global digital arena.

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