“India Beyond the Pandemic” Book Launch Held in New Delhi, Receiving Instant Bestseller Status and Acclaim

Feature and Cover India Beyond the Pandemic Achieves Instant Bestseller Status and Acclaim

“India Beyond the Pandemic: A Sustainable Path Towards Global Quality Healthcare,” a book co-authored by Dr. Joseph M. Chalil, Ambassador Pradeep K. Kapur, and Professor M.D. Nalapat has rapidly climbed Amazon’s Best Seller lists. Achieving #1 in Business Systems & Planning and Strategic Management and #2 in Disaster Relief, the book has won for itself a global audience keen on transformative healthcare strategies for the post-COVID-19 era.

The book was officially launched on April 30, 2024, at the India International Center, New Delhi. The event was attended by a constellation of eminent personalities in healthcare, diplomacy, academia, and politics, including India’s Federal Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Amitabh Kant, Dr. Ruby Pawankar, and Lt. Gen. UK Sharma. Each offered an in-depth analysis and endorsed the transformative approach toward sustainable global healthcare detailed in the book by the international authors.

Others who were present and endorsed the book included, Ambassador SD Muni, Ambassador Venu Rajamony, and Ambassador Lakshmi Puri, as well as former Federal Minister of India, KJ Alphonse and Princess Lakshmi Bayi of the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore. Their presence underscored the book’s significance while dealing with matters related to global health and policy.

“It brings me great joy to officially launch our latest book, co-authored with Ambassador Pradeep K. Kapur and Professor M.D. Nalapat, titled “India Beyond the Pandemic: A Sustainable Path Towards Global Quality Healthcare,” published by Konark Publishers,” said Dr. Joseph M. Chalil, a co-author of the book and the co-publisher of the Universal News Network. “This work is our collective endeavor to illuminate the pathways towards a healthcare system that is equitable, innovative, and sustainable. Join us in a crucial dialogue on shaping a future where quality healthcare is a global reality.”

Shri Hardeep Singh Puri (220x220)Hardeep Singh Puri, India’s Federal Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas praised the book as an important contribution to the literature documenting India’s rising global health influence. He highlighted the book’s extensive exploration of India’s commendable vaccination drive and vaccine diplomacy, highlighting the nation’s vital role on the world stage during the unprecedented times characterized by the Pandemic.

Mr. Puri emphasized that the book is important for understanding India’s actions during the pandemic and the necessary policy reforms to enhance its global health leadership. He welcomed the book for being a narrative of resilience demonstrated by healthcare workers and a guide for future universal healthcare strategies.

Shri Amitabh Kant IAS (220x220)Amitabh Kant, IAS, G20 Sherpa and Former CEO of NITI Aayog, lauded the book as a proactive “call to action,” commending India’s leadership during its G20 presidency and the strategic health policy initiatives such as the New Delhi Declaration. He expressed his pleasure in writing a Preface for the book and emphasized its significance in, among other matters,  documenting India’s effective vaccination campaign and vaccine diplomacy. The G20 Sherpa highlighted India’s crucial role during the pandemic and acknowledged the resilience of healthcare workers and the innovations in healthcare technology that emerged during this period.

Mr. Kant described the book as a crucial guide for developing resilient healthcare systems to handle acute and chronic health challenges. He stressed the need for systemic health reforms and recognized India’s potential for ascending to a leadership role in global healthcare. In this context, he mentioned India’s presidency of the G20 in 2023 under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting its success in fostering global cooperation on health policies through initiatives like the New Delhi Declaration.

Mr. Kant portrayed the book as an essential resource for understanding and adapting India’s healthcare strategies for future challenges. Speakers positioned it as a blueprint for universal healthcare and a testament to India’s ingenuity and resilience in the face of a global crisis.

Prof Dr Ruby Pawankar MD Ph D FRCP FAAAAI (220x220)Prof. Dr. Ruby Pawankar, Executive Director and Former President of APAAACI and Former President of the World Allergy Organization, joined the launch event from Tokyo and described the book as an essential read for those committed to shaping a sustainable healthcare landscape, emphasizing its comprehensive approach and strategic use of technology during the pandemic.

Dr. Pawankar called the book “a must-read for all, dedicated to shaping a sustainable healthcare landscape and for health equity in these ever-changing environmental and geopolitical scenarios.” In her speech at the book launch, she emphasized the book’s detailed examination of India’s healthcare response during the pandemic, including its vaccine diplomacy and the strategic use of technology in healthcare.

Dr. Pawankar praised the book as a must-read for anyone interested in shaping a sustainable healthcare landscape and those dedicated to health equity in changing environmental and geopolitical scenarios. She commended the book for its role in documenting the adaptability and scientific progression that can guide future strategies for universal healthcare.

Lt Gen U K SharmaLieutenant General Dr. UK Sharma, Former commandant of the Indian Army’s flagship Referral and Research Hospital, described the book as a seamless narrative that expertly portrayed India’s robust response to the pandemic. He praised the book’s portrayal of healthcare workers’ resilience and innovative solutions that emerged during the crisis, describing it as a vital resource for understanding global health challenges and India’s potential leadership in global healthcare.

General Sharma emphasized the book’s role as a vital resource for understanding the challenges faced by healthcare workers during the crisis and the innovative solutions that emerged. He appreciated the book’s discussion of India’s potential ascendancy in global healthcare leadership, viewing it as a blueprint for India acting as the catalyst for  building resilient healthcare systems worldwide. General Sharma highlighted how the book is a testament to the ingenuity and resolve within the healthcare industry and is an invaluable guide for those committed to the noble cause of global health.

Publisher of the book, KPR Nair highlighted the book’s immediate success and its role in providing a detailed analysis of India’s healthcare response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed pride in the collaborative effort of the co-authors, which resulted in a guide that is not only a retrospective account but also a forward-looking blueprint for global healthcare reforms and innovations.

Professor M D Nalapat (300x300)Prof. M.D. Nalapat discussed the importance of understanding the comprehensive strategies and healthcare reforms that India had implemented, which could serve as a model for other nations. He noted the comments made about the in-depth analysis provided by the co-authors and their view that the book is a critical resource for anyone involved in healthcare policy and administration, as it offered a blueprint for future global health initiatives.

Prof. M.D. Nalapat stressed the need for continuous adaptation and learning in healthcare, suggesting that the lessons documented in the book needed to be learned, as this was vital for preparing for future health crises. Professor Nalapat agreed with the view of the key speakers at the launch that the book was a significant contribution to global healthcare management’s academic and practical aspects.

Ambassador Pradeep K Kapur (300x300)Ambassador Pradeep Kapur noted the book’s potential to guide other nations in strengthening their healthcare infrastructures and policies. He highlighted the authors’ collaborative efforts in bringing together diverse perspectives and insights, which enrich the book’s content and relevance. Ambassador Kapur also discussed the book’s broader implications for rural community empowerment and national digital financial infrastructure, underscoring its significance in advocating for systemic changes that can lead to improved global healthcare governance.

While sharing the broad themes and the impact of the book, Dr. Chalil highlighted the book’s exploration of India’s effective management of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the innovative healthcare strategies and resilience demonstrated by professionals across the country. Dr. Chalil stressed the importance of the book as a tool for understanding and preparing for future healthcare challenges. He pointed out that it is a blueprint for integrating technological advancements and systemic reforms in healthcare systems globally. Additionally, Dr. Chalil mentioned the need to shift from disease-centered care to genuine health care, advocating for a system that emphasizes prevention and holistic wellness rather than just treatment.  His remarks encapsulated the book’s goal of offering actionable insights for building a more robust and equitable global healthcare infrastructure prepared to handle future pandemics and other health crises.

A panel discussion led by Supreet Singh with contributions from a diverse group of influential figures emphasized the critical role of technology in healthcare, the importance of holistic and preventive health, and the need for accessible and affordable healthcare as fundamental human rights. “India Beyond the Pandemic stands out as an essential guide to developing resilient healthcare systems capable of addressing future global health emergencies, thus fostering a more integrated and effective global health infrastructure. This reflects Dr. Chalil’s and his co-authors’ commitment to advancing healthcare dialogue and policy worldwide,” they said.

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Dr. Joseph M. Chalil is a visionary leader in the healthcare industry, currently steering Novo Integrated Sciences, Inc., as Chief Medical Officer. His illustrious career spans various facets of healthcare, innovation, and policy-making, underscored by his role as a Chief Strategic Advisor for the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) and President of both NovoAmerica Health Group and Clinical Consultants International, LLC. Dr. Chalil is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and is recognized for his leadership in healthcare administration. His contributions to healthcare and policy are internationally recognized, with numerous awards highlighting his leadership and innovative thinking.

Professor M.D. Nalapat is the UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University, and Director of the Department of Geopolitics & International Relations. Currently, he is the Editorial Director of ITV Network (India) & The Sunday Guardian. He is also the Vice-Chair of Manipal Advanced Research Group and Director of the Department of Geopolitics & International Relations at Manipal University. He has been the Editor of the Mathrubhumi and the Times of India. He has played a key role in the literacy movement in Kerala, as the first honorary coordinator of the Kerala Association for Non-formal Education and Development. He has excelled as an Advisory Board member and Associate member in various institutions. He is also a member of the Resource Board, Centre for International Relations, Washington D.C.

Ambassador Pradeep Kapur is an acknowledged “luminary diplomat,” with a distinguished career working with leaders and policymakers in different continents of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Author and editor of many books, Kapur was Ambassador of India to Chile and Cambodia and was the Secretary at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs before joining as an academic in reputed universities in the USA and India.

“This book is dedicated to the valiant hearts and resilient spirits of all those we have lost to the global pandemic. It is a homage to the selfless service of healthcare professionals—doctors, nurses, and all frontline workers—who have faced insurmountable challenges with courage and compassion,” said the authors of the book. “Their unwavering commitment has lit the path to recovery and hope. May their legacy inspire a robust, accessible, and equitable healthcare system for every citizen of the world.”

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