House Passes $95 Billion Package for Military Aid, Humanitarian Assistance: What’s Inside?

Feature and Cover House Passes $95 Billion Package for Military Aid Humanitarian Assistance What's Inside?

The $95 billion package recently approved by the House, poised for Senate approval next week, is set to address various international concerns, including military aid for Ukraine and Israel, replenishing U.S. weapons systems, and providing humanitarian assistance to Gaza. President Joe Biden has committed to promptly signing the package upon receipt.

The breakdown of the spending is as follows:

For Ukraine and U.S. weapons stockpiles, approximately $61 billion is allocated. This includes a substantial $13.8 billion designated for the purchase of weapons by Ukraine. Additionally, Ukraine is slated to receive over $9 billion in economic assistance through “forgivable loans.”

Israel is set to receive about $26 billion in support, with a portion earmarked for replenishing its missile defense systems. Furthermore, over $9 billion is allocated for humanitarian aid in Gaza, particularly pertinent given the recent Israel-Hamas conflict.

Approximately $8 billion is allocated for bolstering U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific region and countering China. This includes over $3.3 billion for submarine infrastructure and development, along with an additional $1.9 billion to restock U.S. weapons provided to Taiwan and other regional allies.

This comprehensive package aims to address key international concerns while reinforcing strategic alliances and promoting stability in various regions.

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