Homemade Eggless Brioche

Nothing smells & tastes better than homemade bread! I’m sharing a buttery golden versatile brioche recipe which is eggless and effortless. And guess what, this bread is just perfect for your morning french toasts, PB&J sandwiches and yeah.. this is the same family favourite recipe I had mentioned in my previous recipe for garlic bread. How I developed this recipe- So the first thing you should know about brioche bread is that its a quite rich loaf of bread generally made with eggs & dairy. So when I wanted to try a better yet eggless recipe for my pure vegetarian friend, the first thing I didn’t want to compromise with was the density, richness, texture and flavour of it which makes a brioche beautiful. For this, I took notes from many eggless bread recipes including ladi pav (soft indian dinner rolls usually had as a snack with a spiced potato-veggie gravy—known as ‘pav bhaji’) and even buttery English dinner rolls.  What’s special about this recipe- . Easy- Unlike most recipes for better rising fluffy breads like the Japanese milk breads/sandwich loaves, this recipe does not require a tangzhong (Japanese word for cooked pre-bake bread dough) or a consistently feed sourdough starter or a lot of rolling/kneading time. . Eggless- Many vegetarians miss out enjoying a good French toast/sandwich ,etc. just because good quality brioche from restaurants/cafes/grocery stores aren’t eggless. This recipe being an eggless one is in favour for especially those people. . Zero additives- Being a lovely homemade bread recipe, this is additive free unlike almost every store bought breads that have preservatives, emulsifiers, improvers, artificial flavouring substances, etc. Bread is a staple in every household and you never wanna feed yourself or your family with small doses of chemicals everyday. Do you? What you’ll need- . 2.5 cups all-purpose flour. 1 teaspoon table salt. 1 cup lukewarm milk. 1 tablespoon sugar. Half tablespoon instant dry yeast. 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature  How to make- . Dissolve sugar in milk and stir-in yeast. Keep aside covered (preferably in an oven with only lights on) for the yeast to bloom ~10 minutes. . In a big bowl, mix salt and flour. Make a well in the middle and pour the bloomed yeast mixture to incorporate. . Start kneading the dough adding butter in little additions when the dough has come together. . Knead for 20 minutes by hand or half the time in a stand mixer with dough hook attachments. You can stop kneading only when the dough is smooth, improved gluten and thus not sticky anymore. . Cover up this big dough bowl in an even bigger greased bowl with a clinwrap and let it rise in the above mentioned ideal place for about 40 minutes to an hour- until your bread dough has doubled in size. . Punch down the risen dough to release the air and cut into 8 equal parts. Shape each part into round balls using your palms.  . Slightly roll out each ball again -this time using a rolling pin and roll up into tiny cylindrical loaves. Arrange each cylindrical mini loaves touching each other vertically through the lengthy part of each of it inside a loaf pan (refer attached brioche photo to understand). . Lightly cover with a clinwrap film and let it rise for another hour until it has doubled in size. . Bake at 200 degree celsius for 20 minutes. Take it out from the oven and brush with extra butter on all sides right away. Cover in a lightly moist cloth for a while before slicing to get a beautiful loaf of buttery golden brioche. Notes, Tips & Suggestions- . Cover your loaf halfway through with a piece of foil of it starts to brown too much. . Enjoy freshly baked brioche as it is or with dips or spreads; one day old bread for cheese toasts or sandwiches; 2 days old for French toasts or bread puddings; and make toasted bread crumbs with older bread.

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