Harnessing Insights and Innovation: Harvard India Conference Explores Investment and Tech Landscape

Featured & Cover Harnessing Insights and Innovation Harvard India Conference Explores Investment and Tech Landscape

The India Conference, orchestrated by Harvard students, drew to a close on its second day at the Harvard Business School on February 18, delivering a profound exploration of emerging investment prospects and the burgeoning technological landscape in India.

Various panels delved into substantial reforms and a promising outlook for investors and tech innovators. The focal point remained the convergence of technology startups and business investment avenues, captivating the audience’s attention.

In the session titled “SaaS from India, For the World,” Abhinav Shashank, CEO of Innovaccer, recounted his journey of securing funding in the Indian market, furnishing valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs. Stressing the significance of comprehending equity as an investment asset, he remarked, “Equity and participation in equity create wealth. You want people to own. Education of all options is important to understand long-term equity value. People in India are starting to think about equity and stock options.”

Beyond the realms of commerce and technology, the conference embraced cultural dialogues, delving into the influence of sports and cinema on the Indian populace. Bollywood luminary Karishma Kapoor contributed to the panel titled “Soft Power of Bollywood,” examining the evolving nature of Bollywood movies, which have progressively become more socially conscious over time.

The conference also scrutinized the shifting mindsets of Indian professionals and entrepreneurs regarding settling abroad post-education. Distinguished speakers, including Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, and Prateek Kanwal, Director of Deloitte India, who spoke on the first day, shed light on the burgeoning trend of Indian expatriates returning home to seize entrepreneurial prospects in India’s burgeoning economy.

As the proceedings unfolded, it became apparent that the Harvard India Conference continues to serve as a crucial repository of knowledge. By convening thought leaders, policymakers, social advocates, artists, and visionaries, the conference significantly contributes to the ongoing discourse shaping the trajectory of India’s future.

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