Google Opens Access to Search Labs’ AI-Powered Features

Google’s new platform, Search Labs, is inviting some users to try out its revamped search engine powered by generative AI. The new features, showcased at the I/O 2023 event, use AI to enhance search engine results. One of the features, AI-generated summaries, can show a concise overview of the topic at the top of the search results, replacing the blue links. Users can then interact with the AI by asking follow-up questions or selecting from suggested actions to learn more. The AI also provides links to sources so users can verify accuracy and see how the AI selected pages for review. Additionally, SGE can help users discover a range of products and things to consider while shopping.

Along with SGE, Google Labs currently includes a couple of other features. Add to Sheets adds a button to each link in search results, allowing quick addition of links to the selected sheet. The second feature is Code Tips, an AI-powered solution to help write and fix code. Google has rolled out these features in the US exclusively for now, and there is currently a waitlist. Those attempting to register from India receive a message that the service is not available for their account.

If AI summarization becomes popular, businesses and brands may compete to be included in the AI summary instead of being listed as links below. This competition has the potential to reshape the SEO industry.

These new generative AI features could make a significant impact in the search industry. Google dominates the search engine market with a global share of 90%, and the addition of these features gives them even more power. As more users begin to test the new search engine, we can expect Google to make further refinements.

Google’s use of AI in search engines is not new. However, the introduction of Search Labs marks a distinct shift towards integrating AI to improve the search experience. This improved search engine has the potential to enhance efficiency and productivity by providing reliable and timely information.

“We are excited to offer these new features to users as we continue to enhance the search experience. With our use of generative AI, we believe we can provide relevant and accurate information to our users, helping them make informed decisions and quickly find what they are searching for,” said a Google spokesperson.

Google’s introduction of this platform and the new features it provides demonstrates the technology’s limitless potential for enhancing search engine experiences. We can expect to see further developments and competition in the industry as companies seek to keep up with the latest trends.

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