Dr. Sudhir Parikh Receives Honorary Doctorate From JRN Rajasthan University

Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh, was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Literature (D-Lit) Degree February 7, 2023 by Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan University (JRN) at its Udaipur Campus. This degree was awarded to Dr. Parikh for his contribution and work in the field of social service. Dr. Parikh is Chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold, one of the largest Indian-American publishing outlets in the United States.

Mentioning the success of overseas Indians, and of Dr. Parikh in particular, Chancellor Sarangdevot said, the world screen will shine if Indian knowledge spreads on the international level. Sarangdevot referred to the farsightedness of the university founder J.R. Nagar and said the university from its inception had adhered to his principles and has been offering courses in multi-disciplinary and skills and employment-based learning. These have become the identifying elements of the university today, the Chancellor said.

Speaking at the Convocation, Dr. Parikh said the degree by JRN was the most important of all honors he has received in his life. “This degree is awarded by an institution which is founded on principles of humanity, social work and inclusion of the backward and needy in the mainstream,” Parikh said. “This is true wisdom and appropriate in the world context today,” he added.

Dr. Parikh, who has been involved in social causes in India even as a practicing medical doctor in the United States, said humanity and social causes have acquired a new dimension globally, and, if combined with hard work, would bring success.

He also said a student exchange program of JRN with American universities would benefit students of both the countries and provide opportunities for innovation. He has also been involved in the field of education, including helping foreign medical graduates find their place in the U.S.

At the Udaipur event, Dr. Parikh invited JRN students and youth to engage in hard work and social causes. “Heartfelt social service and hard work alone are the key to a successful life,” Parikh said. The Chancellor and other speakers also mentioned a collaboration in the making between JRN and Physicians of Indian origin in the U.S. Elaborating it further, Dr. Parikh said that the plan under the program was for a team of medical doctors to visit JRN every year, and to organize medical camps and perform free surgeries. He said Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold would support and help all efforts of JRN to get international recognition.

Chief Guest Bharat Mehta of Narmada Bal Vihar, said this collaboration based in service and education would begin a new chapter between the two countries. Head Chancellor Balwant Jani said the university was continuing its efforts to bring its facilities to the international level with a view to facilitate the collaboration.

Other speakers at the event included university President B.L. Gurjar and Registrar Dr. Hemshankar Dadhich. The convocation ceremony was conducted by Dr. Rachna Rathod.

Also present at the event were Gujarat Times Editor Digant Sompura, Prof. G.M. Mehta, Dr. Paras Jain, Dr. Kaushal Nagda, Prof. Manju Mandot, Prof. Jivansinh Kharakwal, Prof. Saroj Garg, Dr. Hemendra Chaudhari, Dr. Kala Munet, Dr. Yuvraj Sinh, Dr. Bhawanipalsinh Rathod, Dr. Dharmendra Rajaura, Dr. Dilipsinh Chauhan, Subhash Vora, Dr. Balidan Jain, Dr. Rajan Sood, Dr. Ami Rathod, Dr. Anita Murdia, Dr. Aparna Shrivastav, Dr. Manish Shrimali, Dr. Lily Jain, Dr. Neeru Rathod, Dr. Shilpa Kanthaliya, Dr. Prerna Bhati, Dr. Madhu Murdia, Dr. Gunbala Aameta, Dr. Harish Sharma, Dr. Sapna Shrimali, Dr. Santosh Lamba, Dr. Alakh Nanda, Dr. Prakash Sharma, Dr. Babita Rashid, and others.

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