AtlasIntel Poll: Biden Trails Trump in 2024 Race, Faces Calls to Withdraw Amid Debate Fallout

Featured & Cover AtlasIntel Poll Biden Trails Trump in 2024 Race Faces Calls to Withdraw Amid Debate Fallout

In the latest findings by AtlasIntel, a leading polling group renowned for its accuracy, President Joe Biden is reported to be trailing Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, particularly among younger voters by a significant margin. According to the survey of 1,634 likely voters conducted between June 26 and 28, Trump holds a five-point lead over Biden with 45.5 percent compared to Biden’s 40.3 percent, just over four months ahead of their anticipated rematch in November.

Among voters aged 18-29, Trump emerges as the clear favorite with 41.6 percent support, contrasting sharply with Biden’s 27 percent. This demographic shift is noteworthy given that younger voters traditionally lean towards Democratic candidates in elections. Conversely, Biden maintains leads in other key age groups, securing 47.7 percent support among those aged 45-64 and 52.1 percent among those aged 65 and above, compared to Trump’s 45.1 percent and 41.6 percent respectively in those age brackets.

The poll’s timing, conducted shortly after Thursday night’s first live televised presidential debate of the 2024 campaign, likely influenced participant perspectives. During the debate, concerns about Biden’s age and performance were exacerbated as he delivered responses described as incoherent and occasionally failed to complete sentences. This has fueled discussions about whether Biden should continue his reelection bid, with 48.2 percent of respondents suggesting he should withdraw, while 44.2 percent oppose such a move. Notably, a significant majority (54.6 percent) of younger voters aged 18-29 believe Biden should not seek another term in office.

Despite these sentiments, a substantial 72.4 percent of voters across all demographics expressed skepticism that Biden would actually withdraw from the race at this stage, underscoring the resilience of his campaign despite challenges regarding age and approval ratings. Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Lauren Hitt, affirmed after the debate that the President remains steadfast in his commitment to the election, dismissing speculations about an early exit.

In contrast to Biden’s perceived vulnerabilities, Trump’s reelection bid faces scrutiny surrounding his actions related to the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. Nearly half of the poll respondents (48.9 percent) believe Trump should be disqualified from running due to his involvement in those events, while 47.2 percent disagree. Trump has maintained his innocence against federal charges connected to the Capitol riot and awaits a pivotal Supreme Court decision regarding potential presidential immunity.

The AtlasIntel poll, known for its meticulous methodology, carries a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points, ensuring a reliable snapshot of voter sentiments leading into the final stretch of the 2024 presidential campaign.

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