America’s Hoteliers Come Together for India COVID Relief

America’s hotel owners are coming together to support COVID relief in India as a new wave of infections spreads throughout the country. AAHOA donated $100,000 to LPS of USA, Tiny Smiling Faces (DalubhaiGoaplbhai Patel Fund), and Bavaji Charities in support of the charities’ ongoing COVID relief efforts in the subcontinent.

“Throughout the past year, AAHOA and AAHOA Members made valuable contributions in their communities by donating personal protective equipment, providing meals to those in need, housing at-risk populations, and supporting local charities,” AAHOA Chairman Biran Patel said. “Many in our industry have strong family and business ties to India, and we are increasingly worried about the crisis the country is facing with the spread of COVID-19. That is why AAHOA donated $100,000 to groups working to stop the spread and help those in need.”

“Our industry and our communities continue to struggle from the economic fallout of the pandemic, but we can see hope on the horizon. Although we are focused on our own recovery, we cannot turn a blind eye to those who continue to face the dire consequences of this virus,” AAHOA President & CEO Cecil P. Staton said.

AAHOA is the largest hotel owners association in the world. The nearly 20,000 AAHOA members represent over half the hotels in the United States. With billions of dollars in property assets and hundreds of thousands of employees, AAHOA members are core economic contributors in virtually every community. AAHOA is a proud defender of free enterprise and the foremost current-day example of realizing the American dream.

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