Politics With STEM In Virginia Public Schools

My second son Stephen Palathingal  graduated from the University of Virginia School of Engineering and Applied Science, a couple of days ago. He has accepted a job offer with Capital One in their software engineering department, where he did his internship last year. His elder brother Xavier Palathingal graduated from the same program six years ago, and currently works for Google.

Our family of four, all engineers and STEM graduates, coming from very middle-class backgrounds, made our lives possible on advanced math and technology, that too ALL in public schools and universities. The advanced math classes starting from 8th grade at Fairfax County Public Schools played the most important role in producing my two computer engineer children. I am immensely proud to watch them work with world-class technology experts from India and China, at companies like Amazon, Google, and now Capital One.

Lack of technical talent in America is a well-established fact. It is time for America to up its game in STEM education, not watering it down. If these advanced math courses are not there in public schools, the rich will go to private schools and get them, while the children of common folks like me will be left with mediocre public education. As a result, we will NOT be able to break the barriers due to our humble beginnings in this country. And, America will continue to remain dependent on foreign talent.

It is painful to watch the current liberal-socialist government in Virginia trying to remove advanced level math courses from its public schools. I remain fully committed to fighting this utter stupidity in the name of “equity” and “feel good for all”, for political benefits and vested business interests.

Quality public schools are what made me, my wife Asha Palathingal, and our kids, and 100s and 1000s of other immigrants, break the barriers, and realize the American dream. That is exactly what I am planning to continue to advocate for, just like I did in 2019 when I ran for Fairfax County School Board.

The mainstream fake media and the Virginia government are backpedaling on their laughable proposal now since they fear an Asian American backlash in the November election. That means the pressure that we are putting on is working.

Vote them out on November 2nd, and “Save Math” for Virginia and America!  And, believe me, “Math is not a racist word”! ?https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1309725846096295&id=100011766761465


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