Air India Passengers Stranded as Luggage Left Behind on San Francisco Flight

Featured & Cover Air India Passengers Stranded as Luggage Left Behind on San Francisco Flight

To meet the requirement of paraphrasing the article while including the original quotes, here’s a rephrased version:

Passengers arriving wearily at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) at approximately 3:20 am via Air India’s non-stop flight from San Francisco encountered an unexpected ordeal: their checked luggage had been left behind at the departure airport, compelling them to depart the terminal with only their carry-on bags.

Travelers aboard flight AI 176 were caught unawares as they arrived at Terminal 2, where they waited at the baggage claim area, only to realize the issue nearly an hour later. Families, especially those with infants and young children, faced significant inconvenience.

Among them were Vaishnavi Vel and Aneeshwar Danda, both tech professionals from San Francisco traveling with their 11-month-old son, who had opted for a bassinet seat on the flight.

Vaishnavi had positive remarks about the service and journey but upon landing noticed that the covering for her baby’s stroller was missing.

“A substantial number of passengers did not receive their baggage. We hired assistance and waited for almost 40 minutes before realizing something was wrong. At the airline’s counter, we found other passengers also questioning the whereabouts of their luggage, and only then did we discover it had not been loaded onto the plane.”

Disputes arose at the counter, with one woman adamantly refusing to leave the airport without her belongings, Vaishnavi recounted.

“We were informed that our baggage would be delivered to our residence the next day, and we eventually departed around 5 am. My child was restless after the prolonged confinement. Now, we are heading out to purchase baby food and other essentials, as we had packed only essentials due to restrictions on cabin baggage weight,” Vaishnavi added.

Anagha, whose sister Archana was traveling with her infant on the same flight, stated, “My sister’s two pieces of luggage are missing. She’s resting now but has been assured by the airline that her bags will be transported on the next flight from San Francisco.”

An insider from the airline clarified, “The luggage was not forgotten; it was a precaution taken for passenger safety. Due to payload constraints in San Francisco owing to weather conditions, the amount of cargo on the aircraft had to be restricted. The luggage will be shipped subsequently.”

Just last month, the Aviation Ministry issued Air India a show-cause notice following a 20-hour delay on a Delhi to San Francisco flight, during which passengers endured discomfort due to lack of air conditioning.

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