Will Eye Drops Replace Reading Glasses?

The US has approved a new type of eye drop which they say could eliminate the need for reading glasses, media reports here say. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently approved the use of an eye drop designed to improve age-related near-vision, reports Express.co.uk.

Called Vuity, the drop is applied to each eye once a day and starts working within 15 minutes of application. The makers say each drop lasts for at least six hours. As per the report, the drug is a formulation of a well-known compound known as pilocarpine.

The prescription medication Vuity treats age-related blurry vision, also known as presbyopia.  It’s a condition common enough to affect approximately 128 million people in the United States as the muscles in the eyes require more effort to focus.

Although the condition is common, it doesn’t mean we have to live with it. For people tired of always looking for reading glasses or squinting their eyes trying to read a product label, a daily dose of Vuity could help.

The researchers behind Vuity designed it to allow for the eye drop to rapidly adjust to the pH of the tear film. What the drop does is take advantage of the eye’s ability to reduce pupil size, improve near-vision whilst maintaining distance vision.

The drop has been found to be most effective for those between the ages of 40 and 55. Results have come from two randomized control trials on 750 subjects, the report said.

It was during these studies that Vuity was observed to start working within 15 minutes of application.

In a positive piece of news, the drops were found to result in no serious side effects. However, some patients experienced mild headaches and eye redness. (IANS)

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