Village of Lincolnwood community comes out in support of Jesal Patel in the Mayoral Race

Lincolnwood IL: A wave of excitement engulfed the Village of Lincolnwood since Jesal Patel declared his candidacy for the office of the Village Mayor. During the recent meet and greet held on March 25th, 2031at Holiday Inn, Skokie, IL 60077, many prominent members of Lincolnwood wholeheartedly expressed their support for Jesal Patel. Some of the distinguished guests invited at the event were Minal Desai (Skokie Park District Commissioner), Susan Patel (President IADO (Indian American Democratic organization), Harendra Mangrola Past President IADO, Babu Patel (Marsha), Bhavesh Patel and Babu Patel (Saahil), Nick Patel (LA Tan), Kiraan Shah, Gautam Patel, Ashok Patel, Kishor Patel, J P Patel, PC Sha, Bharat Liwani and Karim and Hannah Lakhani.

Susan Patel steered the entire event and thanked everyone who came to support Jesal. Nick Patel talked about the great work that Jesal has done since 2007 and extended his support for him in the current election. The guests also talked about how, under the leadership of Jesal and the Lincolnwood Alliance Party, Lincolnwood has been better able to navigate the challenging times during covid-19 pandemic and has seen a robust economic period. A special mention was made about how Lincolnwood Alliance was able to secure the financing necessary to initiate the first phase of the 10-year infrastructure improvement program with zero property tax increases. It also supported public and private partnerships, and new TIF districts to help spur development in Lincolnwood.

Jesal reminisced about spending his childhood in the Village of Lincolnwood and expressed his love for the village. Jesal’s father Babu Patel, who is a very well-known community leader, urged everyone to vote for Jesal to make Lincolnwood prosperous and a safe place to live. One of candidates for the office of trustee, Mohammed Saleem also addressed the guests at the event. Saleem, a civil engineer by profession, aims at building bridges that bring people and community together. Saleem mentioned how he could use his expertise as a civil engineer towards revamping the roads, buildings and the overall infrastructure of the Village of Lincolnwood.

Lincolnwood Alliance candidates in the current elections are Jesal Patel for Mayor, Beryl Herman for Clerk, and three candidates Jean Ikezoe-Halevi, Grace Diaz Herrera, Mohammed Saleem for Trustees.Jesal, for over 14 years, has proven his honesty and integrity through his work and community service. Being a finance graduate, he envisions a thriving Lincolnwood through smart planning by creating new business opportunities as well as employment opportunities. He has many years of experience as a small business owner behind him. His firsthand knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur help him understand how important it is to support small businesses so they can expand, create new jobs, and thrive in our community.

Jesal, during his address at the meet and greet, mentioned how his career has helped him understand the challenges faced by homeowners as well as business owners especially during the pandemic. Jesal’s business, Patel Realty, has been serving the Village of Lincolnwood with its specialization in residential and retail real estate sales and investment for many years. Jesal has been a Trustee in Lincolnwood since 2007 and has served as Board liaison to multiple Village committees and boards.

The Lincolnwood Alliance team, under Jesal Patel’s proven leadership, promises to build an inclusive and welcoming village through transparent governance by involving the Lincolnwood residents in the decision-making process. One of the dreams of The Lincolnwood Alliance team is to create a welcoming and efficient atmosphere for all by providing first class customer service with its Service First Organization concept. Its emphasis on utilizing diversity on various committees and commissions aims to generate ideas and form visions for a prosperous village.

Jesal requested everyone to go for early voting which is at Oakton Community College 7701 N Lincoln Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm and on weekends 10am – 4pm through April 5th,2021.  Election Day is April 6 and voters can find their polling place at
The numbers on the ballot for the Lincolnwood Alliance Party are Jesal Patel for Mayor – #1, Beryl Herman for Clerk – #3, Jean Ikezoe-Halevi – #4, Grace Diaz Herrera – #5 and Mohammed Saleem – #6

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