US Health Care System Fails to Meet Needs Of 70% of Adults

A staggering 70% of US adults believe the health care system fails to address their needs in at least one aspect, as revealed by recent data from the Harris Poll, obtained exclusively by TIME.

Although the US spends more per capita on health care than any other affluent nation, it lags behind in terms of life expectancy and various health outcomes. The Harris Poll survey, carried out between February and March 2023 and commissioned by the American Academy of Physician Associates, indicates that patient satisfaction is also being negatively impacted by the exorbitant costs, lack of accessibility, and convoluted logistics associated with US medical care.

When questioned about their personal grievances with the medical system, many respondents cited similar issues. A mere 27% of those surveyed claimed the US medical system fulfilled all their needs, while the remaining participants voiced concerns regarding appointment wait times (31% of respondents), high costs (26%), insurance coverage limitations (23%), and inadequate emphasis on preventive care and wellness (19%).More than a fifth of people surveyed said they don’t see a single health care provider on a regular basis, and 44% said they’d skipped or delayed needed care in the past two years.

Despite these challenges, the survey also highlighted potential areas for improvement and progress. Over 75% of respondents acknowledged that providers collaborate with them to enhance their health, while more than 70% expressed a desire for stronger relationships with their providers. Furthermore, over 65% believed their health would improve if they consistently worked with a trusted provider. These responses imply that Americans haven’t entirely lost faith in the system, even in the face of their frustrations.

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