The people of India have unequivocally rejected the BJP’s agenda

Feature and Cover The people of India have unequivocally rejected the BJP's agenda
‘The people of India have unequivocally rejected the BJP’s agenda, which sought to undermine the constitution and transform the country,’ said George Abraham, Vice-Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, USA. ‘This election outcome is a resounding endorsement of the current constitutional framework, envisioned and implemented by Nehru and Ambedkar.’
It is also important to note that the BJP has not gotten a majority of its own. Narendra Modi himself has lost substantial vote share in his quest for reelection. Even the BJP candidate in Ayodhya had to concede defeat.
If Narendra Modi and Amit Shah persist in governing India through their makeshift coalition, it is imperative for them to uphold the constitution. They must cease the divisive and unscrupulous politics, halt the weaponization of investigating agencies, and govern the country by the law and its constitution. It is high time for people to exercise their inherent right to express their opinions without fear of arrest or the cancellation of their OCI cards. The Fourth Estate should be allowed to function freely, promoting objective journalism that reaches people without bias or prejudice. The judiciary ought to be respected for their independence and jurisprudence.
 We are all once again reminded that democracy is not a majoritarian rule but respects diversity and facilitates equal justice regardless of caste, creed, language, religion, or region. We at the Overseas Congress salute the INDIA coalition and its leaders, especially AICC President Kharge Ji and Rahul Ji, for their tireless efforts in getting the message to the people, which elicited the current response through the ballot boxes. We express our special gratitude to all those IOC volunteers from across the globe who participated in the electoral process to save democracy back in their motherland.

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