Tamil Nadu Hosts Medical Value Travel Conclave For Hospitals From 21 Countries

Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state, hosted a two-day medical value travel conclave on Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30th, 2023, which was inaugurated by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin. The conclave, titled “Tamil Nadu – Where the World Comes to Heal,” was aimed at bringing together accredited hospitals from Tamil Nadu with hospitals from 21 source countries. The event was jointly organized by the Tourism and Health departments.

The medical value travel sector is worth $25 billion globally and is growing rapidly. Patients from other countries come to India, either referred by hospitals or via agents. However, the sector is not very organised and needs streamlining. Around 80 representatives from hospitals listened to experts in 10 specialties, including plastic surgery, gastroenterology, cancer, and heart and lung transplant. The hospitals included those under the Ayush Ministry, and a session on holistic healing was also held.

The conclave included a B2B session where hospital representatives met each other without the interference of agents. A special secretariat would be set up to keep in touch with foreign hospitals, and meetings like this would be held annually, according to Tourism Secretary B. Chandra Mohan.

“Through this conclave, we hope to promote Tamil Nadu as a destination for medical value travel. The state has a wealth of qualified medical professionals and state-of-the-art hospitals, making it an ideal location for medical tourists,” said Mohan.

The event was attended by Ministers Ma. Subramanian, K. Ramachandran, T. M. Anbarasan, and T. Mano Thangaraj, Health Secretary P. Senthilkumar, and Director of Tourism Sandeep Nanduri, according to a press release.

In his speech, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin said, “Medical tourism can provide a significant boost to our state’s economy, and we must work together to ensure that we provide the best possible care to our patients.”

Overall, the conclave was a great success, bringing together hospitals from around the world and promoting Tamil Nadu as a destination for medical value travel. With the medical value travel sector growing rapidly, it is important to streamline the sector and provide the best possible care to patients.

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