As Tax Collector, TK Mathew Wants To Serve The People In Hillsborough County With Honesty & Integrity

Imbibed with the strong commitment “to serve the people in Hillsborough County as the Tax Collector with honesty & integrity,” TK Mathew, a 20-year veteran businessman who has lived in Hillsborough County since 1991, is seeking office for Hillsborough County Tax Collector.

Having worked in the office and having witnessed “inefficiency, unnecessary waste of tax payers time & money” at the County level, Mathew believes that those who live in Hillsborough County pay for top-quality service and they deserve to get it. “I would like to increase the efficiency and transparency in government/especially Tax Collector’s office operations,” says the young Indian American candidate who is running on a Republican Ticket.

Mathew’s message “to my fellow citizens is very simple: I’ll make our Tax Collector’s office the best in the country. I’ll save your money, time and I’ll protect your personal information from the cyber threats.”

Mathew has worked under Tax Collector Doug Belden and is familiar with the ins and outs of the Tax Collector’s office operations. He knows the issues and he knows how to fix it for the constituents of Hillsborough County. He understands the issues from a customer’s perspective, business owners’ perspectives and a bureaucrat’s perspective. These unique qualifications have prepared him to take on the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s services to the next level, with high efficiency and high quality in every aspect of the office’s operations making the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office the most modern, fast and efficient agency in America.

Mathew has the experience, the vision and the passion to realize his goal. “My experiences and exposure to private sector business is a valuable asset and I learned the issues of Tax Collector’s office while I had worked under the current Tax Collector and I know how the office functions and the ways to address the many challenges we face in providing the best services to the people of this great County.”

In addition, as the Tax Collector, Mathew plans to hire and train best qualified individuals to minimize wait times and provide quality customer service. He wants to implement better employee training techniques including quarterly training sessions to all employees on customer relations and interaction. “I would like to offer a better salary & benefits package which is equal to or better than the private sector employers for similar work because our employees deserve better and our citizens need quality customer service too,” he says.

A visionary, Mathew hopes to work with other agencies within the Hillsborough county government to open satellite offices in different parts of the County. He also intends to provide Hillsborough county’s almost 100,000 veterans, first responders, and law enforcement officers with expedited service as a thank you for their service to our fellow citizens and to our County.

Recognizing the difficult phase in history the US is going through, Mathew says, “It’s very unfortunate, that a few people are taking advantage of the situation. We should look in to the facts behind it and expose the truth to stop spreading the hatred.” 

Mathew has been very active in the local community and has supported several charity related activities. Mathew dedicated two years of his life at the service of the needy working abroad on charitable missions.

It’s been a long journey for Mathew in being nominated to be the GOP candidate in Hillsborough County. Says, “Florida is a very important state for the Republican Party, especially the Hillsborough County. It’s a very competitive landscape. The GOP leadership “recognized my leadership, energy and capacity to bring people together to vote and support the Party as we enter into the final days of the most important election in our life time. The party recognizes my unique experiences as an advantage and I’m well qualified to bring in unique leadership which is necessary to bring everybody together and achieve my goal of serving our citizens.”

Mathew has the support of the entire Party. Senator Joe Gruters, from the state of Florida has endorsed Mathew and has congratulated him, offering the help & support from the Republican party of Florida. Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, and a member of the Florida Senate, Gruters co-chaired the campaign for President Trump in Florida and has served as the co-chairman of the 2016 Republican National Committee.

Mathew is the only Republican Party nominee for the Tax Collector. With no opponent from the Party, Mathew will not need to fight in the Primary. Mathew will be facing the winner from the Democratic Party Primary, who are on the ballot: April Griffin (D) and Nancy C. Millan (D).

A person with deep faith in God and with strong values and traditions, Mathew has been married for 15 years and the couple are blessed with two sons.

Mathew is of the opinion that the “elected officials are called to utilizing the technology, opportunities and all available resources as per the needs of the community we are called to serve.”  Mathew believes, he is “the best qualified person ever to run for this office because of his experience with both government sector and private sector experiences along with domestic and international exposure with people from different background and cultures.”