Miley Cyrus Shines in 14,000 Gold Safety Pins: A Fashion Spectacle at the Grammys

Pop sensation Miley Cyrus made a bold statement at the Grammys as she graced the red carpet adorned in a gown crafted from an astonishing 14,000 golden safety pins.

Sporting a hairstyle reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic bouffant, the singer-songwriter, who later clinched her inaugural Grammy awards, donned a bespoke ensemble from Maison Margiela. The fashion house disclosed that the creation demanded an exhaustive “675 hours of meticulous work.” The attire, a metallic mesh-like dress, evoked a fusion of a 1920s flapper and an Egyptian deity, with the pins meticulously arranged to emulate a collar and undergarments.

John Galliano, the creative genius behind Maison Margiela, seemingly drew inspiration from his own past collections, as eagle-eyed social media users noted the striking resemblance between Cyrus’ daring attire and pieces from the designer’s Fall 1997 ready-to-wear line.

Completing her red carpet ensemble, Cyrus opted for a pair of yellow tabis, the distinctive split-toe shoes beloved by aficionados of Margiela’s creations.

In recent weeks, the luxury label has been the subject of fervent discussions. Its couture exhibition in Paris in January, featuring actor Gwendoline Christie, garnered widespread acclaim from critics. Additionally, the attention-grabbing “china doll” makeup showcased during the show went viral, sparking endless speculation about its intricacies.

Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, the mastermind behind that captivating look, was also involved in Cyrus’ appearance. However, the ethereal “glass skin” effect seen on the Margiela runway was eschewed. Instead, fellow makeup artist James Kaliardos utilized McGrath’s products to craft a sun-kissed aesthetic, accentuated by winged eyeliner.

Taking to Instagram, Kaliardos expressed his vision for Cyrus to “glow like a golden goddess, sublime, with sheer skin, glowy finish, a touchable beauty.”

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ luscious locks were artfully styled by hair maestro Bob Recine. Sculpting dramatic curls from Cyrus’ highlighted brown hair, which some likened to the signature styles of her godmother, Dolly Parton, Recine imbued each strand with a sense of vitality.

“In the previous year, I showcased Miley’s wet look for hair,” Recine remarked, as per a press release from haircare brand Nexxus. “This year, we decided on something dry and bigger… fuller hair, yet sexy and tousled and touchable.”

The golden safety pin masterpiece marked just one of Cyrus’ five wardrobe changes throughout the eventful evening. Later, she swapped it for a glittery black jumpsuit when accepting her Best Pop Solo Performance award (for “Flowers”) from pop icon Mariah Carey. This was followed by a vintage silver flapper-style dress, reminiscent of Tina Turner’s glamour, for her on-stage performance.

Her fourth look, glimpsed backstage, featured a strapless black lace jumpsuit accompanied by a marabou feather jacket. And finally, for the acceptance of the Record of the Year award, Cyrus opted for a brown sequined one-shoulder Gucci gown, adorned with a side slit, complemented by a miniature bamboo bag from the same design house.