Sindhi Association Of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates Cheti Chand, The Sindhi New Year With Rituals And Traditional Fervor

Featured & Cover Sindhi Association Of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates Cheti Chand The Sindhi New Year With Rituals And Traditional Fervor 2

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the Sindhi Association of Metropolitan Chicago (SAMC) hosted a joyous celebration of Cheti Chand, the Sindhi New Year, at the elegant Ashyana Banquets in Downers Grove. The event was a resounding success, drawing attendees of all ages and featuring a delightful blend of cultural performances, prayers, and delectable Sindhi cuisine.

The Cheti Chand festival was graced by several dignitaries, including Mr. Somnath Ghosh, Consul General of India in Chicago, who served as the chief guest, along with prominent community figures such as mayor of Oakbrook Larry Herman, mayor of Schaumberg Tom Dailly, 3 times mayor of oakbrook Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, and Aurora Alderwomen Shewta Baid. All the guests of honor were welcomed and greeted with Sindhi Topi, Scarf and Dhol upon their arrival. The festivities commence with traditional Behrana and Prasad, followed by a lively Jalsa experience. Attendees participated in heartfelt prayers and paid homage to Jhulelal, the Sindhi deity, led by Dr. Gita Rupani and Manju Dadlani.

Sindhi Association Of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates Cheti Chand The Sindhi New Year With Rituals And Traditional Fervor
Picture: Asian Media USA

Henna Ballaney and Ria Matta took the stage, captivating the audience for the entire cultural program. Namish Nagdev, a talented 9-year-old, eloquently conveyed the importance of Cheti Chand, emphasizing acceptance, unity, and the story of Jhulelal God. Mrs. Balaney sung a Special Cheti Chand Song. Multiple Dance Performances were performed by SAMC community ladies.

DJ Paulami Majumdar spun Bollywood beats, getting everyone on their feet and dancing to the rhythm. The culinary spread featured an array of mouthwatering Sindhi dishes, including Dal Pakwan, Chole Pattice, Sindhi Curry, Sindhi Fry Bhindi, Tairi, Sindhi Faluda, and refreshing special sindhi drink called Thandai.

The event was expertly organized by the SAMC Committee led by President Vinita Gulabani and Secretary Dr. Subhash Balaney. SAMC Committee dedication and leadership ensured a memorable celebration for the Sindhi community. Community members came together to volunteer for decorations, making-packing, distributing prasad, Raffel and support the event. SAMC sincerely thank all our sponsors for this event.

With over 250 attendees, the Cheti Chand festival at Ashyana Banquets exemplified the spirit of togetherness, cultural pride, and joy. Chicago Sindhis welcomed the Sindhi New Year with open hearts and a promise to cherish their rich heritage

Sindhi Association Of Metropolitan Chicago Celebrates Cheti Chand The Sindhi New Year With Rituals And Traditional Fervor 3
Picture: Asian Media USA

Sindhi Association President Vinita Gulabani worked strenuously to colorfully showcase the cultural grandeur of the Sindhi community interspersed with dance, music, singing that ushered unfettered joy to the evening’s celebrations. Vinita Gulabani who is a dignified epitome of grace mobilized large attendance in celebrating the Sindhi association’s annual banquet. The highlight of the evening’s celebrations was her group dance presentation that was artistically presented with grace and cultural aesthetics that elicited thunderous applause.

FIA’s Chairman Sunil Shah profusely complimented the leadership of Vinita Gulabani in hosting a grand banquet that brought together the diverse community to celebrate the distinct culture of Sindhis.

Leader of distinction with considerable star power was honored at the banquet by Mayor of Schaumburg Hon. Tom Dailey, Mayor of Oakbrook Laurence Herman, Former Mayor Gopal Lalmalani Oakbrook Trustee Dr. Suresh Reddy.

President Vinita Gulabani in her remarks outlined Sindhi’s oldest civilizational roots with its rich distinct cultural heritage. Vinita Gulabani further presented a historical overview of the role of Sindhi Association in building bridges of friendship with the community organizations to help foster collaborative efforts in advancing the cultural, social and charitable ideals.

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