Ro Khanna Advocates Constructive Dialogue for India-US Relations, Speculation Arises on Presidential Run

Featured & Cover Ro Khanna Advocates Constructive Dialogue for India US Relations Speculation Arises on Presidential Run

Indian-American Congressman Ro Khanna emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue over admonishment in bolstering relations between India and the United States. Speaking at the Desis Decide summit, Khanna addressed recent criticisms voiced by Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar regarding Western attempts to lecture India on human rights issues.

Reflecting on India’s colonial history, Khanna stressed the necessity of approaching discussions with sensitivity. “India was colonized for over 100 years,” Khanna remarked, cautioning against a patronizing attitude. “When we’re having a conversation about human rights… you have to understand… just coming in from a perspective of lecturing India is not going to be productive.”

Khanna advocated for a collaborative approach, suggesting that acknowledging mutual imperfections in democracy and human rights could lead to progress. He urged for a shift in the US government’s strategy when addressing Indian leadership.

Agreeing with Khanna’s sentiments, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal highlighted the multifaceted nature of US interests, encompassing economic and geopolitical considerations. She emphasized the importance of holding all nations accountable for human rights violations while maintaining diplomatic relationships.

Congressman Shri Thanedar echoed the call for a robust India-US alliance, emphasizing India’s strategic significance in countering global challenges, particularly China’s assertiveness. Thanedar urged for a commitment from India to strengthen ties with the United States.

Turning to the Israel-Palestine conflict, Khanna expressed optimism about the prospects of a two-state solution under the Biden administration. He referenced a 1990 law that could impede US support for Palestine’s UN membership and anticipated a more nuanced approach from President Biden.

During a panel discussion, speculation arose about Khanna’s potential presidential candidacy, met with laughter from the congressman himself. When asked about the timeline for an Indian-American president, panelists offered varying predictions, with Dr. Bera suggesting it could happen within a decade, Jayapal expressing optimism for a swifter timeline, and Thanedar boldly asserting it could occur within four years.

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