RAJMAAI Holds Annual Convention in New Jersey

The annual 2022 convention of RAJMAAI was held in Hackensack, NJ from August 19th to 22nd, which was a celebration of the culture, traditions, education and professional achievements of physicians of Indian Origin. Organized by the current RAJMAAI leadership led by Dr. Uday Chaddha, President, Dr. Bharat Gupta, Vice President, Dr. Anand Kanjolia, Secretary, Dr. Harish Chandana, Treasurer, and Dr. Vinod Sancheti, Convention Convener, the highly successful convention was a treat to the hears and souls of the hundreds of participants who had come to participate and enjoy the fellowship, networking and education.

A top-notch CME program was organized by Dr. Brahma Sharma and Dr. Vijaypal Arya,  and an excellent panel of speakers presented a CME topic on Physician Wellness. Dr. Ravi Kolli, President of national AAPI greeted the RAJMAAI members for the highly successful convention.

Dr. Uday Chaddha, said, “RAJMAAI represents more than 600 physicians practicing in the USA who have graduated from various medical colleges of Rajasthan. We are proud of their Indian heritage in general and Rajasthan in particular. We meet every year and plan strategies to help communities locally as well as back home.”

Gourmet Rajasthani cuisine was served with live musical and cultural programs, bringing back memories of college days during the convention. RAJMAAI also celebrated India’s Independence Day paying tributes to India.

Rajasthan Medical Alumni Association (RAJMAAI), established in 1987, is a body of medical professionals all over the country who have graduated from any of the medical institutions in Rajasthan (or of Rajasthani Heritage) and have an interest in its culture and activities. RAJMAAI establishes fraternities and exchanges social and cultural activities locally, nationally, and internationally. RAAJMAI members meet regularly every year for continuing medical education and also bring along their families to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.

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