Pope Francis Announces First World Children’s Day 2024 At The Vatican

Featured & Cover Pope Francis Announces First World Children’s Day 2024 At The Vatican (Omnes)

At the end of the Angelus on Friday, December 8, Pope Francis announced to the entire Church from his apartment window: “I am pleased to announce that on May 25 and 26 next year, we will celebrate in Rome the first World Day of Children. The initiative, sponsored by the Dicastery for Culture and Education, addresses the question: What kind of world do we want to pass on to the children who are growing up? Like Jesus, we want to put children at the center and take care of them.”

The First World Day of Children (WDC) is an unprecedented event. It arises from Pope Francis’s desire to focus on the future of the youngest, asking everyone to care for them, guide them towards good growth, and listen to them.

“On May 25 and 26, we want to imagine with the children – based on their dreams and desires – a different world, where there is peace, care for the environment, and a choice for fraternity. This day is also a message to the adult world to stop and listen to the simple and direct questions of the little ones, who ask for peace and respect,” declared Father Enzo Fortunato, Marco Impagliazzo, and Angelo Chiorazzo, coordinators of the Organizing Committee of the First World Day of Children.

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